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Theory of Faith

Note that this is just my interpretation of faith and the truth about belief.

Good and evil are simply terms defined by our perception. If a spider eats a butterfly, is it evil? While the butterfly may see this as true, the spider simply sees it as the only way to survive. It is the same with people, a person that we view as evil will always justify his action. Either for his belief or as a sort of duty, but in the end it is the majority that says that he is evil. If everyone in the world were a cannibal, while we view them as evil, if one of us were to say this we would be the evil ones.


Note that I am a firm believer in the rule of exception. While something may appear to be true for every instance, there is always an exception.


Manipulation is the key to control. We as a race are obsessed with control. As I practice of this art I know that people will believe anything for one of two reasons. People will believe anything if they want it to be true, the more you want to believe it the more truth you'll find in a lie. Or if you fear that it is so, an example would be the belief in hell, most people believe that if they are bad they will go to hell, this belief keeps the violent nature of man in check in a most peculiar way.


Faith is a practice of this belief. Mankind fears the afterlife, the terrifying unknown of death. People believe in heaven simply to hide from the thought of ceasing to exist. We use hope for the afterlife to satisfy our fear of death.


While I cannot verify the truth of my reasoning, I have reason to deny the truth of the bible. It is not in my best interest to believe another man about how I should live my life just because he says it's the word of god. If you believe in such a thing they you should be content to keep this belief to yourself. You are a person of firm belief and reserve for your religion. It would take an act of god to change your way of living, so what makes you think that I a person of similar conviction of my beliefs or anyone else would change just because you think we're the ones who are wrong.


It's all a matter of perception.

I hope that you consider my words with an open mind.