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Crash Bash

Secret Level
Defeat The Master Boss and all the others etc.

Beat Bearminator
message: To beat bearminator, when he shoots mechanical bears, right before they shoot a rocket move. Then just charge them of the side. Now a rocket will fall, charge it then fire it when the target is on his face. Do this three times to beat him.  

Unlock  Spro Year Of The Dragons Demo
To unlock the secret playable demo of Spro Year of the Dragon, at the Sce screen,Hold the R1 and L1 + the square button then press Start. 

Level Skip

You have to go to the battle mode screen and do what it says until you get to the level select screen . Keep Hold on R1 then press Triangle,L1,L2,L1,square,circle,circle,x thep press start and there will be a bell sound then quit battle mode then go on adventure and go to the save screen.And then it will always come on when you go on crash bash . If you dont you will have to keep re-entering it all the time

Bosses access info (hint)
For boss 1, you need all the trophies in the warp room

For boss 2, you need all the trophies in the warp rooms, 5 gems* and 3 crystals*.

For boss 3, you need all the trophies, 10 gems and 7 crystals.

Infinite health
For infinite health, pause during gameplay and press up, up, down, circle, square, L1, R2. You will hear a sound to confirm the correct code.