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Kindom Hearts

This walkthrough may not be accurate due to an error in programming. Please me if you find a problem.

IV. Walkthrough
                              Dream Sequence
- Items

You'll be on a big platform with Snow White pictured on it, walk forward and
3 items appear.  A sword, a shield, and a wand are all able to be chosen,
pick the two items when the game instructs you to and afterwards the platform
shatters.  You'll now be on one with Cinderella.  Defeat the little Shadow
enemies and you'll learn about locking on to enemies, attacking.  Again you
come onto another platform, this one has a semi-transparent door on it.  Walk
up and Examine it, a chest appears.  Open the chest and a box appears, break
it open and get the Potion, then head over to the barrel.  Pick it up and
the door can be entered.

Mysteriously you've now been taken to a tropical place and you're on a boat. 
Speak with Tidus, Selphie, and Wakka and pick whatever you wish.  Back to
the platforms, you're now on one with Sleeping Beauty and you'll need to
defeat more of the Shadows.  Pick up all of the little experience orbs and
save at the Save Point.  When you are ready head up the stained glass pathway
onto a platform of Belle/Beast.

A giant shadow monster appears behind you named Darkside, he's got two basic
actions.  One he will put his hands on the ground and create a lot of little
Shadows to come and attack you, the other he'll throw dark orbs at you.  Like
before, take out the Shadows when they come towards you and as he shoots the
orbs just run and jump to avoid them.  Target his hands and slash at them
until he's defeated.

                              Destiny Islands
- Items
Coconut x2
Drinking Water
Empty Bottle
Fish x3
Hi-Potion x2
Logs x2
Mushroom x3
Pretty Stone
Seagull Egg

After watching the scene go talk to Kairi.  She asks you to find some items
to build a raft: 2 Logs, 1 Cloth, and 1 Rope.  The first Log is right on the
beach in front of where you begin, the second is up on the little island
connected by the bridge, right near Riku.  The Cloth is found up in the tree
house just left of the  small waterfalls, you'll have to climb up the ladders
and paths to get to it.  The Rope can be found on the deck near Tidus.  Bring
these back to Kairi and she gives you a Hi-Potion for gathering everything. 
Tell her you don't want to go in yet, this way you can explore the area a
little more.  You can gain experience by battling with some of your friends
in the area, this is a good way to gain levels if you feel like dedicating
some time to it.  After you're done, turn in for the night.  You'll see a
quick cut scene here with Donald and Goofy.

Go over to the Cove and talk with Riku, you get to pick what you want to name
the raft.  He also challenges you to a race.  It's pretty easy if you know
what you're doing, you should make it in plenty of time.  When it starts just
hop across the bridge, then jump down to the right of the big tower.  Run
up the little pathway, touch the star and make your way back.  If you beat
Riku you get a Pretty Stone.  Find the raft and talk with Kairi and she gives
you a shopping list.

Time to go collecting provisions.  If you hit the palm trees with your sword
coconuts will drop, keep hitting until you get 2 green ones.  In the water
on the Shore you can see 3 little Fish swimming around, chase them down and
collect them.  Talk to Wakka and he point you to a "secret place", enter and
pick up the Mushroom and a strange monk-looking person enters and says some
odd stuff.  Go up the steps in the house with the save point and climb the
skinny tree, hop over to the palm tree that has the Seagull Egg on top to
pick it up.  Back over in the cove you can get a mushroom just to the left
of the tower, and there is also one behind a rock that you can push out of
the way close by.  Go to where the pieces from the brige have fallen in the
cove and walk up to the little water fountain and you'll fill the Empty Bottle. 
Bring these all back to Kairi and she gives you a Hi-Potion.  After you're
done here, talk to Kairi again and there'll be some more cut scenes.

When you are back in control of Sora, RUN!  You cannot hurt these little
Shadows running around, head up to the little island across the bridge to
meet up with Riku.  You'll be captured in darkness and when Sora comes back
he's got a keyblade on him.  Here you can level up if you need to and pick
up some extra Potions that the enemies drop.  Make your way to the "secret"
door that you entered earlier and you'll encouter Darkside again.  He's
basically the same as before except this time the attacks look a little
different.  Also he's got a move that rains those little orbs down on you,
just dodge or hit them.  Keep slashing at his hands until he's defeated and
you'll be taken to a new area.

                              Traverse Town
- Items
Camping Set
Mega-Potion x2
Mythril Shard x2
Postcard x6
Potion x2
Pretty Stone x2

Donald and Goofy are on the lookout for Sora, seems they always just miss
him.  When you enter the town square, go into the Accessory Shop and there
is a Save Point inside.  On a shelf in there near the counter is a chest
containing a Mythril Shard.  Up the steps next to the Accessory Shop are a
bunch of boxes, push the biggest one all the way until it's touching the shop. 
Hop up and get on the roof, there is a chest with a Postcard inside.  Also,
enter the item shop, jump up and hit the ceiling fan to drop another Postcard
down.  Explore the first area a little bit and when you're finished, head
to the 2nd District.

Shadows are creeping around this area, defeating them will now earn you
experience and Munny.  Right to your right as you enter, a chest is up on
an awning.  Hop on the light post along the railing and up to the chest, a
Postcard is inside.  Enter the Alleyway, the door is in the courtyard area
near the fountain on the side where the Hotel is at.  To your left is an
accessable chest with a box and a barrel nearby, there is a Potion inside. 
Run down the length of the alleyway until you get to a low roof that you can
hop up on to.  On opposite ends of the rooftops are chests, one has a Pretty
Stone, the other has a Potion.  Back in the courtyard on the far end near
the Gizmo Shop is a chest sitting up on a ledge.  Jump up on the low roof
in the courtyard then hop over to the ledge then to the chest, it hasa
Mega-Potion inside. 

Go back to the first district, enter the Accessory shop then leave again. 
You'll meet Leon (Squall) outside and he challenges you to a fight.  Win or
lose you'll end up at the Hotel.  After a long conversation, grab the Elixir
from the chest and talk with Leon.  When Sora is outside, you can get into
the other hotel rooms via that low roof like before.  Inside the Red Room
is a chest with a Pretty Stone.  Go down the alley and through the Dalmation's
house and back to the first District.  Behind where Leon is standing is a
big safe containing a Postcard.  Talk with Aeris to get a Mega-Potion.  Head
to the third district where Goofy will spot you, and you all kinda....fall
into eachother.

Large pillars pop up and the group is surrounded, though the Shadows can be
taken care of very easily.  A much larger Heartless comes out and has some
pretty viscious attacks.  Aim for it's appendages first and worry about the
torso until last.  Each part will burst out with lots of Munny and experience. 
Heal if necessary with any items you've got, shouldn't be to hard of a fight. 
Leon and Yuffy will give you some gifts after the scene.  Walk over towards
the restaraunt and there'll be a Trinity icon on the ground.  Use your Trinity
and it'll take you up to a balcony with a chest containing a Postcard.  Go
to the second district, through the Gizmo Shop and up the ladder out the back
exit.  Hop from the shop over to the rooftops and a chest with a Mythril Shard
can be found.  Enter the 3rd district through the window at the end of the
rooftops.  On that balcony, walk to the corner and you can Examine, it's
another Postcard.  Hop down, go up the little ramps in the back of the
courtyard area and use your Trinity.  You get a Camping Set and some Munney. 
Also around here is a door which is blocked but has the Fire symbol on the
door.  Use your Fire magic, enter and hop across the stones to the house. 
Inside you'll meet Merlin and you can practice your magic in an arena he has. 
Use your Trinity next to the save point to get a Mega-Ether and Munney.  Drop
off all of your Postcards in the mailbox at the 1st district and
when you're all set, head off to the Gummi Ship.  Also note there is a Trinity
spot right near the exit to the ship.  Go to the one-star location, Wonderland.

- Items
Claw Marks
Defense Up
Mythril Shard

- Other
Puppies 13-15
Puppies 16-18
Puppies 58-60

As the group enters Bizarre Room, push the bed revealing a little door, then
drink the stuff on the table.  You'll enter the castle and see Alice on trial. 
To prove her innocence you must collect 4 pieces of evidence. 

- Go into Lotus Forest and into the area near the first red flower.
  Pick up the Footprints from the box, then use your Trinity on the
  mark to get some items. 

- Go to the back right area in Lotus Forest, hop up on the mushrooms
  and there is a box in view with an Antenna.  Also, hop across to your
  left and there is a chest up there with Dalmations 16, 17, and 18

- Find the fruit up in the trees, go onto the leaves and on the other
  side of the tree is an opening to the Bizarre Room.  You'll drop
  right next to a box with the Stench inside. 

- Head into Lotus Forest again and give the flower who can make you big
  a Potion.  Stomp on the big wooden tree stump to raise a leaf up,
  then knock down and eat the fruit from the tree.  Go up to the little
  door that's accessable now that the leaf was raised and you'll drop
  into the Bizarre Room again.  Hop from the faucet knob over the the
  rack where the last piece of evidence, the Claw Marks, is at.  The
  Cat will appear and teach you the magic "Blizzard".

Enter the Queen's castle again and talk to one of the cards to present what
you've collected.  She only lets you pick one box to use out of all that,
so choose wisely.

    Pick ---->  [1]   [2]   [3]   [4]   [5]

DO NOT pick box number 4!  The rest say the Heartless are responsible, but
number 4 says Goofy and Donald are.  Either way you'll take the same path,
but choosing number four will keep Donald and Goofy from helping you out in
this fight.  Once the battle begins, just worry about hitting the wooden
things on the tower until they break, then hitting the tower itself.  Let
Goofy and Donald worry about the cards attacking, just keep your focus on
the tower.  Once it's destroyed the cage falls and apparently Alice has been

Back into Lotus Forest, the big rock has moved and you can now enter the Tea
Party Garden.  Enter the house and light the two things on the tables, then
defeat all of the enemies in the room.  Open the latch that leads to the castle
and you can now reach a chest with Puppies 13, 14, and 15 inside.  Once again,
visit Lotus Forest, feed the flower a Potion to grow big then move the big
rock, take the fruit from the tree and eat it.  Go into the newly accessable
area and use the Trinity on the ground.  Through the door is Aero-G in a chest,
then return to Lotus Forest AGAIN (yeesh).  Hop up on the first mushrooms
on the right, and into the door in the corner of the room.  Turn the Faucet
and go into the _____.
[Incomplete, I know.  I'll get to it soon, sorry!]

Enter the fireplace and turn on the light to get an opening to Lotus Forest,
then hit the teddy bear on the shelf so it falls.  Go back and enter the Bizarre
Room from the castle, grow big and read the book to get a Mythril Shard.  Move
the bear and then the clock, shrink yourself and go through the doorway you
just revealed.  Grab the Aeroga-G from the chest and Save your game.  Talk
to the cat on the table inside the Bizarre Room and prepare to fight the boss.

The Trick Master is a pretty easy fight, just takes some patience.  If you
stay right underneath him you can avoid most of his attacks.  Jump up and
hit him whenever possible.  He'll drop down pretty often and you can really
wail on him then.  Watch both yours and your teammate's life since he does
attack a lot.  Keep a potion or two handy in case you get close to dying. 
Basic attacks work very well, you can use your magic when he's standing up
and can't be reached by normal attacks.  Keep hitting until it's dead and
you get Ifrit's Horn for beating him.

* Before heading to the next area, go back to Traverse Town and into
  the 1st District.  Now that you have Blizzard, use this on the
  candles at the restaraunt and get the Defense Up from the chest.  I
  also reccomend you get some healing items from the store.

                              Olympus Coliseum
- Items
Entry Pass
Mythril Shard
Postcard x2

- Other
Puppies 22-24

Welcome to the coliseum!  Right underneath the two big statues in the entrance
are two Trinity marks, you can get a Mythril Shard and Puppies 22-24 from
these.  Also there is a chest behind the pillars near the doors next to the
left statue with a Mega-Potion inside.  Go into the Lobby and talk to Phil,
try to push the pedastal for him then talk again.  He'll give you 2 training
missions to complete. 

Trial 1 - 30 sec.  20 Barrels
Trial 2 - 01 min.  25 Barrels

The basic strategy for both of these is to make little combonations.  Do your
basic attack combo and when you do your final swing, it'll send barrels flying. 
Especially on the second trial, find a single barrel and blast it into a group
of them to destroy them all.  Doing this will make these trials a lot easier. 
Phil will teach you the magic 'Thunder', exit towards the gates and Hades
will give you the Entry Pass.  Make sure to have healing items on your
characters!  When you're all set, enter the prelims for the tournament.  There
are 7 matches to complete:

1. Shadow Scout           5. Blue Revenge
2. Spinsters              6. Big One
3. Heat and Freeze        7. Cloud
4. Shadow Platoon

Except for the final battle, the strategy for all of the matches is the same:
BASIC ATTACKS.  Magic won't do a lot here except drain your MP, basic attacks
work best against these enemies.  You're objective should be to make it to
Cloud without using any healing items.  Cloud is quick and powerful, but he
is also very predictable since his moves are very limited.  Just jump or roll
whenever he does his dash attack, right after he stops is when he's vulnerable. 
If you can get close then the fight will be very easy.  Just stay as close
to him as possible and slash until he's dead.  You thought Cloud was the boss? 
Not quite, save your game, and prepare to fight the real boss of the arena.

Cerberus is all bark......but its got a pretty viscious bite too.  This
three-headed monster can do some serious damage.  Make sure you STAY ON ITS
SIDE!  Putting yourself right in front of it is just asking for death.  Stay
to one side of the monster and jump in, do your damage and get out of the
way before it attacks.  When it does the move where the black geysers come
from the ground, keep jumping and you will be safe.  Also watch for when it
rises up and slams down, jump to avoid taking the damage from the giant
shockwave.  Chances are your teammates will die here since their battle
tactics aren't to great.  If you have any spare healing items, throw some
their way since they get right in its face and attack like there is no tomorrow. 
Learn its patterns and time your attacks well.  You'll get an Inferno Band
for defeating it.

Talk to Cloud on your way out and he'll teach you the Sonic Blade move.  Now
that you know Thunder, go back to Traverse and into the 3rd District.  There
is a electrical thing blocked off by some barriers, shock it and go to the
Gizmo Shop.  The pedastals are now raised, jump up and hit the three buttons
in the room on the ledges then check the clock.  You'll get not one, but two
Postcards from here.  Send them out and head to the jungle.

                              Deep Jungle
- Items
Ether x2
Mega-Potion x3
Mythril x2
Mythril Shard x3
Protera Chain
Slides 1-6

- Other
Puppies 25-27
Puppies 28-30
Puppies 34-36

After meeting with Tarzan, go up to the second story balcony of the treehouse
and around to the side so you can see the boat suspended behind you.  The
path around is blocked by a box and a plank, jump around it and there is a
small platform with a very tall ladder on it.  Climb all the way up and on
one end of the roof is a chest with a Protera Chain inside.  Jump down and
onto the safety net around the base of the area and underneath the house is
a Mega-Potion in a chest.  Walk down the little pathway leading into the
'Climbing Trees' area.  Go to the other side of here and you can jump up to
a doorway going into 'Treetop'.  Go into 'Tunnel', get the Mega-Ether and
go back to 'Climbing Trees' and drop down into 'Vines 2'.  Swing on the vines
until you reach the other side and hop over to where a chest it, it's got
Puppies 28-30.  Jump off anywhere and fall into the 'Hippo Lagoon'.  There
is a chest on top of a little tree thing that's got a Mega-Potion in it.  Jump
across the hippos until you reach the furthest end (where a vine behind the
chest leads to 'Vines 2') and get Puppies 25-27 from the box.  Go to the other
side of the area and climb the ivy to 'Vines' and save if needed.  Examine
the flower and you can do a little minigame thing.

Jump Course - Basically a novice course.  All of the vines are normal
              so you shouldn't have any problems completing this.
Trap Course - This one has some trap vines, which will break if you
              stay on them for to long.  Just mash the X button when
              you're on them so you'll be sure to make the jump.
Acrobat Course - More of the trap vines, when you get to the last one,
                 hit circle to jump off, there is no normal automatic
                 jump over to safety.
Expert Course - All but one are the trap vines, gotta be really precise
                when attempting to do this one.

All of your times for these courses can be found in your Journal, under the
Mini-Games section.  Make your way down towards the camp, but first go through
the Bamboo Thicket and to the Cliff.  Climb the little vine and get the
Mega-Potion, Mythril Shard from the chests and then return to the camp and
enter the tent.  Inside you'll meet Jane, Donald, Goofy, and Clayton.  Get
the Mythril Shard inside the tent and talk to Jane, she'll mention she needs
slides for her projector.  The 6 slides are scattered around the campsite,
check on top of the tents and lying around on the ground, very easy to find. 
Also while you're out here, examine the objects around the site to get Recipie
and Tip cards.  If you look at all of the recipie cards, go over to the stove
and examine it.  Attack it to open it, then use fire to light it and you'll
get a Hi-Potion.  Go to the experiment table, Examine, then use Blizzard to
get Ether x2.  Give Jane the slides and when the scene is done you'll have
to head for the treehouse.  Get Puppies 34, 35, 36 from the Trinity spot next
to the experiment table.  In between the vines in 'Vines' is a chest containing

Up at the treehouse, Clayton tries to shoot one of the gorillas but they run
off.  Go down into the Bamboo Thicket and you'll face Sabor.  He's much tougher
this time, he runs a lot quicker and can go into the jungle and come out
anywhere.  Just like before, get a combo on him and while he's laying down
run up to him and do another until he's dead.  Jane is missing, you'll have
to go up to Climbing Trees to rescue her and a gorilla.  Just aim for that
huge black fruit on the tree, it takes quite a number of hits to bring it
down.  Use the Trinity spot here for Puppies 31, 32, 33.  Save inside the
Tent and go over to the 'Cliff' where you must face Clayton.

Clayton is extremely easy, chances are you'll only have to use one Potion
at most on yourself.  For the first part just run up and combo until there
is a big flash and a giant piece of the area is blown away.  Now Clayton is
riding atop a giant lizard called Stealth Sneak.  You can knock him off of
this to make him less mobile, but you should still aim for the lizard first. 
After killing it, go for Clayton who is very helpless even with his gun.  No
real tactics needed here, just run up slash, slash, slash.

Enter the Waterfall Cavern up in the new area and at the very back of the
cave is a Mythril Shard.  Just make your way from ledge to ledge across to
the top, there are a few chests along the way which contain: Shell-G, Mythril,
Orichalcum.  The group comes to Tarzan's home, you'll get a Navi-G Piece,
learn the red Trinity, and get a new keychain.  Exit to the Gummi ship and
go back to Traverse Town.

                              Traverse Town
- Items
Old Book

- Others
Puppies 4-6
Puppies 10-12

Use your red Trinity back in the alley between the Item and Accessory Shop,
the chest in the Alleyway has Puppies 4, 5, 6 in it.  Go the Alleyway and
all the way down to where a gate blocks off where the water is flowing, use
your Trinity here again and it leads to a mysterious place.  Talk with Leon
inside twice and he gives you Earthshine.  Puppies 10, 11, 12 are in the chest
just inside the doorway behind him.  The platform back there leads to Merlin's
house.  Go back to the Accessory Shop and talk with Cid, he gives you an Old
Book that needs to be delivered to Merlin.  Head to Merlin's place, you get
the 'Simba' summon from talking with the Fairy Godmother.  Walk out into the
3rd District and you are reunited with Riku, but he runs off while Sora and
Donald argue.  Go into the Small House in the 3rd District and speak to Cid
again.  He tells you to meet him back in the 1st District, but you should
check out the bell on top of the Gizmo Shop first.  Up on the Gizmo Shop,
use your Trinity to reveal the bell, and pull the rope three times.  A key
hole opens over by the little fountain area.  Prepare to fight another boss!

The Opposite Armor is just like the Guard Armor you fought in town earlier. 
The first form should take you about 10 seconds to beat.  It'll transform
into a more powerful form......this thing is still pretty weak though.  Aim
for the arms and legs first, they've got significantly less HP than the main
part of the body.  After taking those out, focus on it's torso.  You probably
won't need it, but keep an eye on your health and use healing items or the
Cure spell if you have it.  When you see it powering up, get ready to roll
out of the way of the big blasts it shoots out.  Slice away and it'll be dead
in no time.  You get a Navi-G Piece for beating it and learn the spell 'Aero'. 
Talk with Cid in the 1st District and he installs the stuff for you, and gives
you some free items.  When you're all ready, head to the Gummi ship.

V. Item List

Antenna             May help prove Alice's innocence
Blaze Shard         Used for item synthesis
Bright Shard        Used for item synthesis
Camping Set         Restores all HP and 3MP of each part member
Claw Marks          May help prove Alice's innocence
Cloth               Needed to build the raft
Coconut             A provision for the raft
Cottage             Fully restores party's HP&MP
Defense Up          Raises Defense by 1
Drinking Water      A provision for the raft
Earth Shine         Precious stone with myserious power
Empty Bottle        Fill it with water for a voyage
Entry Pass          A ticket required to enter the games (Coliseum)
Ether               Restores 3 MP of each party member
Fish                A provision for the raft
Footprints          May help prove Alice's innocence
Frost Shard         Used for item synthesis
Hero License        A certificate declaring the bearers "Jr. Heroes"
Hi-Potion           Restores 60 HP of one character
Log                 Needed to build the raft
Lucid Shard         Used for item synthesis
Mega-Ether          Restores 3 MP of each party member
Mega-Potion         Restores 30 HP of each party member
Megalixir           Fully restores party's HP and MP
Mushroom            A provision for the raft
Mythril             Used for item synthesis
Mythril Shard       Used for item synthesis
Navi-G Piece        1/2 Gummi emitting a mysterious glow
Old Book            Several pages are missing
Orichalcum          Used for item synthesis
Postcard            Drop it into the red mailbox
Potion              Restores 30 HP of one character
Power Shard         Used for item synthesis
Pretty Stone        It has little value
Rope                Needed to build the raft
Seagull Egg         A provision for the raft
Slides              Jane's research slide
Spirit Gem          Used for item synthesis
Spirit Shard        Used for item synthesis
Stench              May help prove Alice's innocence
Thunder Shard       Used for item synthesis

VI. Equipment List


VII. Secrets/Sidequests

I.   Traverse Town Postcards
II.  99 Dalmations
III. Coliseum Tournaments

                          -- Traverse Town Postcards --

You may notice a big red mailbox in the 1st District of Traverse Town.  Hidden
around the town are 10 Postcards you can find and mail off to get some extra
items to help you along the way.  Here are their locations (in no particular

1. Big blue safe in the 1st District, look behind where a giant yellow
   ghost is.
2. Hop on the counter and hit the ceiling fan inside of the Item Shop.
3. Push a big box over to the Accessory Shop and a chest is on the
4. Use your Trinity over by the restaurant in the 1st District, a chest
   is on the balcony where you are taken.
5. Climb the ladder outside the back door of the Gizmo Shop.  Walk
   across the small pathway onto the rooftops and enter the window to
   the 3rd District at the end.  On this balcony area, Examine a spot
   in the corner.
6. Right as you enter the 2nd District, there is a little ledge to your
   right with a chest.  Hop on top of the lamp along the railing of the
   courtyard and jump to the chest.
7. Use Thunder on the wires in the 3rd District.  Go into the Gizmo
   Shop, push all three buttons on the ledges and check the clock.
8. Same as 7.^

Collect the Postcards and drop them in the big mailbox in the 1st District. 
You will get the following items for doing this:

  - Cottage             - Elixir
  - Mythril Shard       - Megalixir
  - Mega-Potion         - Orichalcum
  - Mega-Ether          -
  - Mythril             -

                             -- 99 Dalmations --

In Traverse town you can visit the Dalmation House.  Unfortunately all of
the puppies are missing and somehow have been cramed into boxes and scattered
amongst the various worlds.  The following is a list and general location
of the puppies.  Check the walkthrough for more exact locations.

1 - 3
4 - 6 Traverse Town
7 - 9
10-12 Traverse Town
13-15 Wonderland
16-18 Wonderland
22-24 Olympus Coliseum
25-27 Deep Jungle
28-30 Deep Jungle
31-33 Deep Jungle
34-36 Deep Jungle
58-60 Wonderland