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Wild Arms 3

Get Lord Guardian

-Lion Idol[JUSTINE]. in Gemstone cave another Exit use search [Item scope].
-Goddes idol [RAFTINA].You will get it form Emilia form Jolly roger [after you to kill baal ou naga].<br>
-Wolf idol[LUCIED] .You will get it form Whitely mansion [Gob's hideout] use RADICAL SNEAKERS to a platform with stair,climb it then take treasure chest there<br>
-Dragon idol[ZYPHERE].Talk to people in little Rock ,then go to place when LOMBARDIA can land but suround area can't,look for the abyss [bring the idol to FALLEN SANTCUARY go to second floor use Radical sneaker and use it

ex file key locations around yggdrasil (x:5,804,y:17,747)
2.dash into clock tower at sunset peak,use teleporter orb(found in millennium p 14)select south farm and buy tocket to east highland bourd train end up at sunset peak
3.breed all 8 plant types to 1oo% on black market for 9,999,999 gella
5.deafeat ragu o ragle twice in abyss all treasure chests (319)go to fortune gear open black chest
7.solve all millennium puzzles talk to simon at dune canyon to uncle gob after uncovering 100% of wourld map hes at humphreys peak hiden path under bridge
9.speak martina in following locations, caliborn/ westwood/ little rock /little twister /humphreys peak twice/ jolly roger/ ballack rise/ laxis land twice
10.collect all adventure books and read them to katilena chapter four talk to cladia at sherrifs office in little twister go to x:5,552 y:3,915 use lombardia to fire missles at rock thing return here with sand craft do not engage evasie manovers den of miasma use kramer doll on holograph image figh 100 of the thing that attach all over fligia
13.deaffeat bad news at gunners heaven
14.compleat telepath tower side quest
15.cast pickpocet on final bosses 10th form