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First Train Ride by: Dancloud

The departure whistle blew as the train prepared to leave the station. The car I was sitting in was really quiet and empty. I had a bit of a headache so the piece and quiet was well appreciated, but after I removed my glasses to rub the ache out of the bridge of my nose I realized that the train had already left the city. I had never been on a train before but the smooth motion and the rhythmic beat of the train tracks was soothing. When I put my glasses back on I noticed that they were smudged so I took out my cleaning cloth and wipe off the finger prints. When I replaced my glasses to they’re rightful place on my face I noticed the fields and pastures filling with people up in the early hours before dawn to start the day’s work. One of the pastures I saw had a beautiful herd of horses roaming through it. The most beautiful were a pair of mares, one dappled and the other a glowing chestnut, but the majestic black stallion drew my attention away as he raced the train through the meadows and fields. He was keeping pace with the train and seemed to be watching me, but the train soon passed his roaming area and he gave up the chase. I was a little disappointed that I had lost sight of the horses but I decided that now would be a good time to read my book. I tried hard to sink into the endless chapters of mystery and suspense but the book just wasn’t as interesting as the scenery passing along the tracks. I knew that if I didn’t read my book now I wouldn’t have time for it later but I just couldn’t help it, so I stared out the window watching the land roll by like a flowing ocean of green grass and blue sky. I let myself sink into a lulling trance as the sky turned a course grey with the coming rains, and I soon fell into a deep dreamless sleep. Even though I didn’t want to miss any of the wondrous sights I couldn’t seem to wake up time passed me by and the train kept rolling, but my slumber never ended. Resting easily I passes on with only the regret that I could not stay to watch the life flow by my window.