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Digimon World 2

Get Metalgreymon:
To get metal greymon here is what you have to do after you beat the disk and video domain go to the tamer club and you willl see a guy talk to him and he will say i have a mission for you take the mission and he will give you a toy plane go to the next domain and you will find him in the boss room to the left go there shoot the toy plane at him then battle him kill him and he will join your party

Get WarGreymon:
After you get MetalGreymon,raise it to level 31 or until his EXP can't go up anymore. Then go and digivolve it and you will get either WarGreymon or MetalGarurumon.

Simply have a veemon and have 3+Dp to get a Flamedramon.

Faster Leveling Up:
Fight stronger guys to level up faster. And Every time you get level 11,21 or 31 you get to digivolve.

Making new Friends:
To make a friend simply just buy gift that match there type and wait till they get a big heart after fight them and hopefully they will become your friend.

Electro spores:
There are 5 different elector spores they are but be more careful these do more damage then acid.
Yello:200 damage
Blue:600 damage
Green:400 damage
Purple:800 damage
Red:1,000 damage

Acid Swamps:
There are many different types of acid swamps they are Yellow Acid:50 damage to your digibeetle Green Acid:100 damage to your digibeetle Blue Acid: 150damage to your digibeetle Purple Acid:200damage to your digibeetle Red Acid:250damage to your digibeetle

To get a Raidramon a Flamedramon with 6+ DP(Digivolving Points) or if it's 0-5 DP you will get Aeroveedramon.

Destroy Bosses Faster:
If you want to destroy a boss faster you be ready to go to the last floor because if your not ready they'll beat you :note-Depending on how strong your guys are, if they are really weak and stop growing at champions take Hp disk 1 Hp disk 2 and three and Make sure if your team wastes Hp right away you take Some Hp Drivers. And for the digimon that waste Mp Fast make sure you take MP disk 1 Mp disk 2 and 3, And take some drivers for your team, because if your fight a guy or guys you got to be ready because if your not there are digimon that effect the entire Party Members.

Get Veemon:
To get Veemon all you have to do is to DNA Digivolve Greymon and Airdramon.

Get Paildramon:
DNA digivolve a Veedramon with a Stingmon.

Get the Supreme level Omnimon:
DNA WarGreymon with MetalGarurumon then DNA digivolve the result with AeroVeedramon.

Digivolve an Okuwamon with 20+ DP.

Get Vee-mon with 4DP and up. It will digivolve into Flamedramon (champion) at level 11, Raindramon (ultimate) at level 21, Imperialdramon (mega) at level 31.

Capture a gabumon, keep DNA him until he have 8 DP(make sure you have him as Gabumon)then at DL 11 he'll turn to Garurumon, 21 into WereGarurumon and finnally 31 into MetalGarurumon.

Get Kimeramon:
Kimeramon is a high powered digimon and is a data digimon.It is pumped-up stats and a powerful attack.You cannot digivolve into Kimeramon but you can catch him.You have to keep your eyes peeled on the road to find him but I think I know where he is.He might be in the Tera Domain.The Tera Domain has all Mega digimon in it so be ready and it also has 100 floors!