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Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone

Getting the feather:
To get the feather at Eylops owl emporium, pick up the the treats and throw them at the owl in the cemter. Time your throw carefully, because if you don't the other owls will eat the feed.

Fighting Malfoy:
When you are fighting Malfoy in the entrance hall stand far away and let him throw the crackers at you. Dodge them so that they fall on the ground. Pick them up and throw them at Malfoy quickly.

Gingotts Tip:
If you are on the the third level of collecting the scrolls at Gringotts and you are having problems make sure to get the first scroll first. If you do not, none of the other scrolls will appear.

Secret Balcony:
Its not exactly a code but a hint. When you enter the room where Nearly Headless Nick tells you how to move an extra large flipendo block leave it where it is and climb the stairs and run onto the block. From there go to the balcony across from it where, you will find a web there. Hit it with a flipendo and you will get 5 house points for gryfindor and a chocolate frog.

Opening Bookshelves:
At Hogwarts while wodering around, there are bookshelves you can open and get prizes! There are two in the Great Foyer. If you can not climb on bookshelves, press square and it will open up. There is also one outside the Gryffindor Common Room. The nearest bookshelve to the portrait of the Fat Lady can open up. Prizes consist of wizard cards and Betie Bott's Every Flavor Beans(yellow in color).

More secret passages:
There are secret passages out in the hogwarts grounds.The way into them looks like a discolored section of wall

Flying Lesson:
After you have completed Flying Lesson and attend a different class, go back to the Flying Lesson. Go in and then you will see what looks like glowing butterflies. Catch all of them and Madam Hooch will award Gyffindor 20 or 25 house points.

Bookcase Hint:
All the non climbable bookcases can be opened. Try it and find 11 of the 17 cards!!

How to beat Lord Voldermort:
Once you have put fluffy to sleep,beet the devil snare, got past the chess game and made the troll fall down the pit, Hermione will have opened the door. A game is played.
The knight you'll need is the one with the sheild.Keep you eye on the bell he's under, then hit the bell with you spell, and use two charged Knockback Jynx on it.p.s. He'll have a shield so wait till he has swing at you then use your charged spell on him. DO this again an hell, die and drop a potion youll have drink it,and run through th fire. In the next room there will be 4 knights, repeat what you did before. A giant knight will then appear. Get close to him, wait for him swing,run out the way and hell become visible and shoot him with a charged spell and keep doing this for 5 to 6 times and you'll defeat him. Go across the bridge and in to the other room.To get past part 1 of Lord V. wait till he's next to pillar and use a charged spell on the pillar. Ropes will stop you from moving, so just press square over and over again. Part 2.This is simple: wait till he's on the other side of the mirror and use charged spells on the mirror for 3 times and repeat, dodge his spells. Part three: Press square and x together repeatedly and a quick fire pad wont work, I've tried. Watch the end sequence and save your game.