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ABC Horror Book

A is for Alice whose throat was slashed.

B is for Budd who was strangled to death.

C is for Charlie who was hung.

D is for Dr. Mixter who died from a syringe to the eye.

E is for Earl who did from a snapped neck and being thrown from a moving vehicle.

F is for Fitz who was stabbed with a knife.

G is for Mr. Garrett who died from a hammer claw to the skull.

H is for the hot tub that boiled Karen alive.

I is for the impaling of Jamie Lloyd with farming machinery.

J is for John Strode whose head exploded.

K is for Kelly Meeker who was speared with shotgun.

L is for Lynda who was strangulated with a phone cord.

M is for Michael Myers himself for entertaining us all.

N is for Deputy Nick who died by pitchfork.

O is for the obsession he had with killing his sister.

P is for Deputy Pierce who was stabbed by a knife.

Q is for the quiet way he stalked his victims.

R is for Rachel Carruthers who was stabbed with scissors.

S is for Spity who was killed with a sickle.

T is for Tim Strode whose throat was slashed with a knife.

U is for the unusual ways he killed his victims.

V is for the various weapons he killed people with.

W is for Will who was stabbed with a knife

X is for x in the axe that he used.

Y is for the young Michael Myers killing his sister.

Z is for Internet Zombie Production who helped us finish this book.