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Favorite Links

Also for dragon lovers, and fantasy creatures.

For more anime music, and a forum to chat with other anime fanatics check out:

If you like battling with elves, orcs, humans, and dwarfs then you'll like this game or you can just click here to help my army grow.

Kings of Chaos

A personal favorite of my. (And currently top ranked on my 'way too addictive list')

Space Federation

If my music page doesn't have the song your looking for click here to browse for some more.

This is also a good page.


For more game info this site is great.

This is also a good page for more cheats if you can't wait for me to find them.


this page is a great e-mail server


and this is were I made my site and you can make one to

For those how like to chat you can click on the site below.

This is one of my favorite web site games.

Crescent Island

These are soom of my others sites you might enjoy.

Dragons Online


You can help my site grow by visiting the sites bellow.  Thank you and enjoy my site.