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Darkest Born

By Dancloud

As Lucifer looked upon her creator she was filled with a sense of awe. The majesty and power such as that which created her was beautiful and at the same time serenely terrifying.  Even as she thought about this being of creation, she became over whelmed by the circumstances of her existence. How did she know these things that she knew? Why did she feel these alien emotions and feelings? Even before her thoughts had finished she realized that he was looking at her. She couldn’t for the life of her think what to do or say to this power that had given her life. 

After the seconds that had seemed like hours she felt a crushing pain in her chest. She didn’t understand what this emptiness that threatened to consume her heart. Lucifer began to cry as she clutched at this immaterial pain. Blindly searching for the cause of this horrifying pain, she discovered a question that she was unable to answer. Just thinking about it made her feel cold as sweat ran down her back which she didn’t notice was bare of all but her flowing hair. Why was she here? What was her purpose? Who was she?

As if he could see into her very mind as Lucifer was fighting these mortifying questions, he smiled and began to speak, “Fear no my child, Lucifer. We have brought you into this world. You are here to be my companion.” The sound and tone of his voice made all the hairs on her body feel like they were standing on end. She couldn’t understand this strange sensation but she knew it was not a good sign.

“Why did it have to be me?”

“We made you because it was my will. We won’t explain ourselves to the likes of you.”

She thought about it for a short time as the denial built up inside her. She knew there had to be more than that; this couldn’t be all she was alive for. Thoughts of death began to loom within the dark abyss of her heart. If his will was all she had, then she wasn’t sure she wanted to be alive at all.

As Lucifer rose from the cold marble that she had been created on she realized that her creator had disappeared. She thought for a while about looking around in the hope that she could find some answer to her existence beyond the terrifying fate that her creator had set for her. It suddenly occurred to her that she didn’t even know the name of her creator; though she wasn’t sure she wanted to know anyway.

As Lucifer’s feet met the cold stone floors she recoiled. The experience was, while not unpleasant, was altogether unusual. She was finding so many new feelings and sensation. The thoughts of ending her existence vanished from her mind with her voiced thought, “Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to see what life is like.”

It was always known that Lucifer was the first and most beautiful of the angels. Being creations heir gave her a sense of duty to her lord and master. This was nothing if not an unwelcome guest inside Lucifer’s already breaking mind; though, she felt no binding conviction to this selfish creator. As feelings, like the cold stone and the warm rays of the light that had no beginning or end, caressed and flowed over her soft skin, unmarred by the ravages of time or circumstance, she decided to explore this place that she had found herself apart of.

As she wandered the seemingly endless boundaries of the garden, which surrounded the place of her empty birth she found nothing. There was no end to this place. No other life to the barren land. Not even a trace of what might be considered life. A vast expanse of seemingly endless and unremarkable stone was all that made up this lonely place.

When Lucifer returned to the pedestal she was greeted with the stern face and a fiery temper of her creator. She asked him the first question that popped into her head to distract him from his anger, “What do I look like?” Unable to think of a better question she hoped that it would be sufficient to turn his anger.

As her creator contemplated the best answer to this complicated question his features shifted from the firm anger to a face that could best be described as curious. Lucifer wondered if he really didn’t know how to explain it or if she was truly that unremarkable. After just a short period of time he finally smiled and with a snap of his fingers he set about his new creation. It didn’t take him long to finish this new and imaginative piece of work, and when he stepped back to let Lucifer see his inventiveness she gasped at this new companion. The woman standing in front of her was altogether the most beautiful thing she could have ever hoped to imagine on her own.

“Who is this?” was all she could manage through her astonishment.

And her creator smiled and said, “Why that is you my dear.”

As she looked upon herself she felt over come with tears. Lucifer couldn’t even begin to express her own beauty. As she stared at her own reflection unable to remove her gaze, she noticed that her creator was also present behind her reflection. She turned, “What is this called that show us upon itself?”

Again her creator’s smile widened, “We shall call it a mirror.”