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Final fantacy 7

Easy Chocobo Races:

Hold R1 and R2 while racing a Chocobo - this will slowly restore your energy bar.

Duplicate items:

NB This will only duplicate items that are selectable during a battle and can not be used to duplicate the various Sources,Materia, Weapons or Armour.

This trick requires the W-item Materia which is obtained after your party parachutes back into Midgar while playing Disc 3. After entering the subway tunnels in Sector 8, go towards the screen and you'll soon come to a dead-end with the W-item Materia.Equip the Materia on the character with the item you wish to duplicated. When a battle begins, select the W-item entry on the battle menu then select an unimportant item and use it on any character. On the second item choice, select the item to be duplicated by pressing circle then pressing X to cancel your selection and increase the number of that item in your inventory.Repeatedly press Circle followed by X to continually duplicatethat item.

Easy Battle Square handicaps:

Rapidly press Square during the 'slot machine' handicap sequence in the Battle Square section at Gold Saucer. This will slow theslots down, allowing you to choose an easier handicap. this trick will also work during Cait Sith's Limit Breaks.

Tetra Elementals

Due south of Cosmo Canyon, there is a small island composed of mostly sand. The only creatures on this island are small Cactus men. Equip the Morph materia on someone in your party and put a Manipulate materia on a different person. When you enter battle, manipulate the Cactus man and make him do 1000 Needles to himself 5 times. He has 6000 life, so this will bring him down to 1000. Have someone with a very high hit % bring him down to a fairly low HP level. Then use Morph. If successfully
morphed, the Cactus man will turn into a Tetra Elemental. This is one of the most useful items in the game. Repeat for multiple Tetra Elementals.

Escape the Northern Cave
I have a cheat that is quite simple. In the third disc when you have to fight Sepherioth, I know how to get out! It is very simple, go to where you started at, then go out the door you came from, then limb up the ridge by pressing O, (if you press select it won't have the green arrow)all you have to do is climb up the ridge by pressing O, then you can go back on the Highwind and leave.

How to Get Vincent
Open the safe in Nivelheim(Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, Right 97) fight the boss (if you are at a low level use only magic until he changes, he will be easier (MAKE SURE U SAVE BEFORE YOU GO IN) it took me 2 save and restarts to figure this one out, after you fight him you will get a summon (Odin) which is good for a long time. Examine the safe and you will recive key to the basement, go to the basement and befor you reach the door you go through to meet Seproth, there is a door on the North side of the screen, go through it and yo will see a dark coffin examine it, name vincent (U may have to examine it twice) walk out and towards the stairs and vincent will come after you, he will join you then

Getting the Knights of the Round
First you will need a good chocobo and a great chocobo race them until they reach rank A the great chocobo can be found at the mideel area and the good chocobo can be found on the golden saucer area mate them with carob nut then when you haved mate them you should have a green and blue chocobo reach them in rank A then mate them again with a carob nut the carob nut could be found at the icicle area at the grass part where you fight the dragon the small dragon then when you haved mated them you should get a black chocobo then mate the black chocobo with a wonderful chocobo they should be rank A the wonderful chocobo can be found at the icicle area then mate them with a zeio nut the zeio nut can be found at the goblin island at the upper right then go to the woods and you shall fight a goblin then the zeio nut would be yours after that get the gold chocobo ride it through the ocean to the upper right then you shall see a round island then go inside in the hole then you shall see a light press the action near it you shall have the extreme summon monsters

How To Exchange the Highwind for the Tiny Bronco
First you need to get the item Super Sweeper from the rollercoaster game in the Gold Saucer. NOTE: YOU MUST DO THIS BEFORE YOU LOSE CLOUD FOR THE LIMITED TIME! Go to Fort Condor, and give the Super Sweeper to the old man there. He will then give you the Tiny Bronco. NOTE: THE TINY BRONCO DOES FLY!!! That is how you do it.

Rocket`s Mega Materia
In disk2 when you are in the rocket go to the
place where is the mega materia and enter this
code:O,square,X,X and you received the mega materia

Get everything (Japan version only)

message: In the start menu press and hold L1,R2,square,O to get evrything(character,item...)

Unorthodox Party HP Cure
Start by putting your battle mode on active.  Next, Cast Regnen on your party and one other spell.  After your character casts Regen, open the Playstation door.  You must open the door before the next spell is cast!  When the game attempts to load the next spell, the game will just hang there-but time will continue to elapse!  Sit back and watch your HP climb!  When they reach normal shut the Playstation door!  The music will slow down for a second, then the game will catch up and everything should go back to normal!

Get Cait Sith's Ultimate Weapon
When you are in Shinra Corporation building, on the 65th floor, there ia a health spa. Inside the health spa there are several rows of lockers and Cloud will say "Whats this...a megaphone?"and you will get the HP Shout!

Easy Level Gain (FIRST DISC ONLY!!!!!!)
Warning: This code only works in the Temple of the Ancients on the first disc immeadiately after you beat the red dragon and gain the "Bahamut" materia.
After you beat the red dragon, leave the room where you encountered Sephitroth (the room with all the pictures on the wall and the thing labeled "Black Materia" that shakes the whole place) and talk to the Ancient Spirit body and selcet "rest" from the menu.  After this, talk to it again and select "save", you will need to do this often.  After you rest and save, be sure you have the "Bahamut" materia equipped with one of your characters then re-enter the room where you fought the red dragon.  Run around for a little bit until you get into a fight.  You will either encounter 2 flying dragon thingies, 3 flying dragon thingies, 1 wierd looking bull-dog/dragon/horse, or a wierd looking bulldog/dragon/horse on either side of you.  Now comes the easy part, cast the "Summon Bahamut" spell and then attack with normal attack to finish off any survivors.  EVERY CREATURE YOU ENCOUNTER IN THE ROOM IS WEAK AGAINST BAHAMUT!  It is very easy to gain levels since each fight gives you around 2000 experience points.  After you fight in the room a couple of times, exit it and talk to the Spirit body then rest and save and reenter the room.  Repeat this method untill satisfied.

Info submitted by Cloud Strife on Thursday, June 3, 1999 at 19:19:20

Where & How to get Yuffi
To get Yuffie go east of the icicle area to the group of small islands.Get off the highwind and run around in the wooded area of the island until attacked.(you may encounter goblins with the ZEIO nuts)Keep getting attacked until you fight a human.When you defeat her you will be in an area with a save point.The girl will get up and ask for another
fight. say NO. She will ask if your afraid,say
your petrified.She blabs about how u will want
her help for a little bit.she ask you another question this time choose the answer LETS GO
and she will say "hey wait up"or something like that and says"hey you didn't even here my
name" or something simmilar to it,and thats how you get Yuffie.(don't choose any of the other answers or she will still your gil.)

Slow chocobo's
Having the same problem as me with super fast chocobo's having to wait hour's before the others finish, well hold down+x to slow down the chocobo's and when you press 0 you will still hit your maximum speed.

Getting More Sources
If anyone that want to build up your guys but have already reached level 99, you can always go down to the crashed plane and morph the monsters there. There are six of them: Unknown, Unknown 2, Unknown 3, Serpent, Poodler, and Bad Rap. Each gives you one of the six type of Source.

Secerts of the Weapons
On disk 3, you may go down but come back up.  Fly toward the "Junon Harbar." You will then see the "Ultimate Weapon!"  Fly right in to him you will start to fight!  The best way to beat him is to you "Omnislash" or "Knights of the Round."  Doing this will kill him fast because he will retreat after so much damage done to him.  Then he will fly away try to follw him.  Hitting him with the ship several times will make him stop.  Them fly into him to start to fight again.  The last place he will stop is "Cosmo Canyan."  Make sure that one of your people, that does the final blow, has on him or her "Enemy Skill" equiped to learn "Shadow Flare."  Then head to your sub. go to the sunkin plane to save and to get some LUCK.  Go it to the next room and there you will fight squid like creaters. Morph them to "Luck and Speed Sources."  You need just one of then to be your fastest and luckest**(LUCK AT 255)**.  That character must be equiped with "Life 2"(revive)all.  Now save and go fight "Emeral Weapon!!"  A real helper is to have the "Underwater" materia and to have at least one person with "All Lucky 7's"(that is when their HP is at 7777) and to have "99 Megalixers!" (His HP is about 600,000!!!)  Always have haste and barriers up and use all you got.  **DON'T USE ANY ELEMENTAL ATTACKS!!**  After killing him you will recive an item.  Take it to the "Calm Travaler" and he will give you 3 peices of "Mastered Materia"!  Now equip them and save be as prepared as you fight "Emeral Weapon!!"  Now go to "Gold Scuacer", you will see a little red thing.  Oh and kill two of your members before you fight so that "Ruby Weapon" will put it's hands in the ground.  If you don't you can't hurt him!!  Now revive the others.  Don't attack the claws behind you!  Put Barriers up(always have them up!)and Haste.  Then use "Knights of the Round" and then have one person use a "Megalixer".  Keep doing this until he is dead.  After he is killed take the item to the "Kalm Travaler."  **DON'T USE ANY ELEMENTAL ATTACKS!!**  **THESE ARE THE PERFECT TIME TO MASTER UP ANY METERIA!**

UPDATED! ! In the Cheat Seacret of the Weopons there are quite of few things that are invaled. First off, You don't get the Guide book from beating
Emeral Weapon, You get that from morthing the Ghost Ship in the underwater tunnel were the Under water reacher lab is (The one near Junon Harbor). Then you give that to the Kalm travaler, and that's how you get the Underwater Materia (One of the Thing's that was never realy made clear. Secondly, When you defeat Emeral you get the Earth Harp.
Third, After you beat Ruby weapon and you get the desert rose thaen give it to the Kalm travaler, you Get a Golden Chocobo. That was  another thing that was never made clear.

Safe Code (Mantion in Nebilhiem)
First go to the safe on the top floor of the mantion, next walk up to it. It will say enter the code that unlocks it. The code is right 36, left 10, right 59, and right 97. remember not to go past the number when your ready to put it in.