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Time Splitters

Unlock Chinese Chef

Use story mode to finish the 1970 Chinese level on easy difficulty

Unlock Cultist

Use story mode to finish the 1935 Tomb level on easy difficulty

Unlock Cyborg

Use story mode to finish the 2005 Cyberden level on easy difficulty

Get Additional Levels and Characters for Arcade mode

Use story mode to finish the first three levels

Awards List

In multiplayer mode awards are given for various reasons, and here is a list of the ones I know about, and what I think they are for

Most Professional
-camps the most (often accompanied with most cowardly & Dishonorable)
Most sneaky
-Shoots the most people in the back?
-Kills most teammates?
-Most head shots
Ricochet King
-Has best acuracy/most kills with ricochet
Bag Man
-Delivers the most bags
Best Equiped
-Has the most guns
Most Cowardly
-Avoids the battle at all costs
Most Dishonoradle
Weapons Expert
Most Leathal
-Who gets the most kills
Most Losses
-Got killed the most
-Secure the bag most often
Most Outgunned
-Least Guns
Under equipped
-Few guns
Multi Kill
-Most kills w/one shot
Pathetic Shot
-Bad aim
Longest Spree
-Longest killing spree
Shortest Innings
Longest Innings
Where's The Health
Vandalism Award
Brain Surgeon
Lemming Award

Lists of things that can be unlocked

Beat Challenge 2A Arcade Bot Duckman
Beat Challenge 2B Cheat All Enemies Duckman
Beat Challenge 2C Arcade Player Char. Duckman
Beat Challenge 3A Arcade Bot Robofish
Beat Challenge 3B Cheat All Enemies Robofish
Beat Challenge 3C Arcade Player Char. Robofish
Beat Challenge 4A Cheat All Enemies Have Bricks
Beat Challenge 4B Arcade Level Site
Beat Challenge 4C Weapon Brick
Beat Challenge 5A Arcade Bot Elvis Impersonator
Beat Challenge 5B Cheat All Enemies Elvis Impersonator
Beat Challenge 5C Arcade Player Char. Elvis Impersonator
Beat Challenge 7A Arcade Bot Gingerbread Man
Beat Challenge 7B Cheat All Enemies Gingerbread Man
Beat Challenge 7C Arcade Player Char. Gingerbread Man
Beat Challenge 8A Arcade Bot Farrah Fun Bunny
Beat Challenge 8B Cheat All Enemies F.F.Bunny
Beat Challenge 8C Arcade Player Char F.F.Bunny

Unlock Challenge Mode

Beat all of THESE Levels on the Easy Difficulty to earn Challenge Mode.

1935: Tomb
1970: Chinese
2005: Cyberden
1950: Village
198?: Power/Gas Plant
2020: Planet X

After u beat these 6 levels, the choice is up to you to play the next 2, but you don't have to to unlock challenge mode. All you have to do is beat the last level, 2035: Spaceways. I Skipped the Docks and the Mansion and just beat Spaceways and i still got it, so u might ought to try that.

Game Tips

1.  always have weapon change at "never" because while you are legging it to the exit shootin your way through endless amounts of splitters, you don't want to have a shotgun equipped and suddenly walk over a pistol to suddenly change weapon!

2. in some levels some things are explosive. try shooting everything at first.
eg: say someone was behind a wall. you knew they were there, you just couldn't see them. there is a barrel near the wall. if the barrel is close enough, blow it up and it could kill the guy behind the wall.

3. you don't always have to fight. take the mansion level. you walk into a room, and the dear heads start shooting at you. they are incredibly hard to kill. remember, you don't HAVE to kill them. take a zombie. you can only kill it by shooting it in the head. shooting it anywhere else will stun it. if you are cornered, stun them all and leggit. they aren't smart enough to follow you.

4. if you stun a zombie when you were aiming for its head, it can still be killed whilst it is recovering/lying on the floor. you don't have to wait for it to get up again.

Frozen Bots

In arcade mode, set your weapons to "custom" but don't set any.  Leave them blank, set the rest of the match as you wish, when you enter the match, you start with pistols and the bots are frozen.  Open Season!  It helps when earning awards.

Get R108

Beat Planet x on easy mode.

Get Peekabo Jones

Beat Chemical Plant on easy mode.

Get Fingers Mckenzie

Beat Cyberden on easy mode.

New Arcade Levels

For each level you complete on medium, a new arcade level will open up such as the graveyard if you beat the tomb on medium.

Earning cheats

Just play the challenge levels to unlock various cheats. Here are the cheats I've earned all the way up to challenge 9-C. These may be accessed at the Story Mode menu.

Enemy Bricks
All enemies are Impersonators
All enemies are Bunnies
All enemies are Gingerbread's
All enemies are Ducks
All enemies are Robofish

Unlock Suit Hoodlum

Complete 1970 Chinese level on hard to unlock Suit Hoodlum as a playable arcade player.

Unlock Secret Rooms

To unlock the secret rooms goto arcade. From there goto the one that says mapmaker, from there you can click on the button that says load. Then another screen appears click on the one that says sample then a list should appear. Click on the name of the one you would like to load then you will be able to play there. Have Fun!

1935 Tomb

If you complete tomb on easy you get cultist if you do it fast on easy you get paintball cheat  if you do it on normal you get graveyard if you do normal fast you get prestess and if you do hard you get eyes mummy and fast teeth mummy (or the other way round

Big Heads

All characters have heads bigger than normal (Unlock by beating the time limit in the 1965 Mansion level on Easy).

Small Heads

All characters have heads smaller than normal (Unlock by beating the time limit in the 2035 Spaceways level on Hard).

Big Guns

All enemy weapons look huge (Unlock by beating the time limit in the 2000 Docks level on Normal).

Infinite Ammo

Yep... All the ammo you can shoot (Unlock by beating the time limit in the 1985 Chemical Plant level on Normal)!


Ah, nothing like watching a friend's paint splatter (Unlock by beating the time limit in the 1935 Tomb level on Easy).

Gun Sounds

This cheat allows you to turn your gun sounds to wacky animal sounds (Unlock by beating the time limit in the 1970 Chinese level on Normal).

Enemy Rockets
Use this cheat to exclusively use the Rocket Launcher in a level (Unlock by beating the time limit in the 2005 Cyberden level on Hard -- Story Mode only).

Enemy Bricks
This Cheat will allow you to get in a brick fight (Story Mode only) with your enemies (Unlock by beating Challenge 4B).

All enemies are Impersonators

With this Cheat enabled, everybody on screen looks like the King (Unlock by beating Challenge 5B -- Story Mode only)!

All enemies are Bunnies

Same deal -- but all enemies are bunnies with breasts -- Disturbing? Yes, yet interesting all the same (Unlock by beating Challenge 8B -- Story Mode only).

All enemies are Gingerbread's

Ever wanted to throw a brick at a moving cookie? Only TimeSplitters gives you the pleasure (Unlock by beating Challenge 7B (Story Mode only).

All enemies are Ducks

This fowl (ouch) Cheat turns all of the enemies into a bunch of quackers (double-ouch) (Unlock by beating Challenge 2B -- Story Mode only).

All enemies are Robofish

I just love an enemy with a fishbowl for a head -- don't you? Too bad you can't shatter the glass and watch the fishie wriggle on the ground (Unlock by beating Challenge 3B -- Story Mode only).

All Char's Headless

Like the Cheat implies -- headless people wandering around aimlessly -- just like we do at work (Unlock by beating the time limit in the 2020 Planet X level on Hard)!

All Heads Detachable

Ah, I'd pay big bucks for this Cheat! Hey, remember the Robofish? Turn this Cheat on and watch the glass shatter and the fish head hit the floor... Too cool (Unlock by beating the time limit in the 1950 village level on Easy)!

Get Paint Ball Mode

Complete tomb on easy in under 55 seconds

More Characters

Beat Cyberden on Hard Earn-Female Cyborg
Beat Village on Hard Earn- Fishwife Mutant
Beat ChemicalPlant on Hard Earn-Lumberjack

Keep Beating each level on Hard to earn more characters.

Even More Characters

Beat PlanetX  on Hard To Earn-Float Alien.
Beat Mansion on Hard to Earn-Priest Mutant.
Beat Docks on Hard to Earn-Gasmask or Veiled Solider.
Beat Spaceways on Hard to Earn-Stewardess and
Female Alien.

List of Unlocks in Story Mode

Easy - 1 minute - Paintball Mode
Norm - 3m 10s - Priestess Character
Hard - 6m - Teeth Mummy Character

Easy - 1m 15s - Chinese Waiter Character
Norm - 3m - Weird Gun Sounds Mode
Hard - 6m - Mr Big Character

Easy - 50s - Siamese Cyborg Character
Norm - 1m 30s - Tuxedo Cyborg Character
Hard - 3m - Enemy Rockets Mode

Easy - 30s - All Heads Detachable Mode
Norm - 1m 30s - Hick Hyde Character
Hard - 4m - Insect Mutant Character

Chemical Plant:
Easy - 30s - Male/Female SWAT Characters
Norm - 1m 10s - Infinte Ammo Mode
Hard - 6m - Malehood Character

Planet X:
Easy - 55s - Green Alien Character
Norm - 1m 30s - Float Alien Character
Hard - 3m - No Heads Mode

Easy - 1m 45s - Big Head Mode
Norm - 5m - ?
Hard - 10m - Girl Zombie Character

Easy - 1m 15s - Male/Female Soldier Charaters
Norm - 1m 30s - Big Hands Mode
Hard - 2m - Shock Trooper Character

Easy - 1m 10s - Red Alien Character
Norm - 1m 20s - Female Alien Character
Hard - 2m - Small Heads Mode

Powerful shot

For a more powerful shot press R1 instead of R2
if you have the rocket launcher it will shoot 3 rockets at once. for the scifi auto rifle it will shoot Grenades

Map Maker Glitch

First go to arcade. Then go to where it says map maker. After you get the screen where you can design your own map,select where it says tiles. When you get on the opening screen there is a big list of the tiles you can choose from. First go to the second page (press o) there will be a really big room that stands out. Pick that 1 and then and put it on your map. Build any thing else you want around it. After it is built and saved put the setting on industrial. Dont put any bots on just so you can find the secret easier without dying. Once your in the level that you built go to where the big room is. Go diretly to where you are facing the rocket perfectly looking straight at it. 2 the top right is the sniper post if that helps.Take a left and walk all the way down to where the wall ends (there is a ramp 2 the right which leads to the sniper post DONT GO UP THAT 1). once you hit the wall look to the left and you will see the ramp. Go up it and make sure you dont fall o!
ff. Go to where you see a beam walk slowly across the beam until u reach the wall (duck if needed to see if you are going to fall off or not).Once you reach the end of the beam lightly go to the left and you should fall outside of the level you have built. You can now see only in the big room even though you are not in it. When you out there you are able to shoot in at everyone but they cant shoot you because they cant see you. Good way to trick your friends in arcade mode.

Enemies don't die

Pause during a game, choose the Statistics screen and while pressing and holding L1 L2 R1 R2, press Left, Right, Up, Down, and then Triangle, Circle, Square, Select. A beep will sound if done correctly. Now the Timesplitter enemies will not die!

Graveyard Multiplayer level

Beat the Tomb on normal

Site Multiplayer level

Beat Chinese on normal mode

Streets Multiplayer level

Beat Cyberden on normal

Warzone Multiplayer level

Beat spaceways on normal

Spaceship Multiplayer level

Beat planet x on normal

Bank Multiplayer level

Beat Chemical plant on normal

Streets Multiplayer level

Beat Cyberden on normal