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Suikoden 3

Here's the reveiw for one of my favorite games.

     "I personally loved the games new combat system and the cross over storyline.  I found the character of   Hugo most appealing and one of my favorite characters in the game.  You will be surprised constantly and find it difficult to put down the control," says Dan Cloud, site editor.


     "When Konami first unveiled footage of Suikoden IIIs new 3D visuals and game play I was skeptical.  As a huge fan of the series and its trademark 2D look and appeal, I wasnt sure if a 3D game could accurately recapture the feel of the precious games.  Once I popped in the game, with its seemingly overly simplistic combat system and confusing criss-crossing storylines, my suspicions werent necessarily abated.  But like any really good RPG, theres always that one momentthat really striking hook that sucks you into the storyline in one fell swoop.  And once you get past the initial introduction, Suikoden 3 has them in spades.

     "The biggest shift, beyond the 3D visual upgrade, is your ability to progress through the main storyline as different characters.  All characters are faced with the same impending crisis, but they all arrive at the same destination under different circumstances, motivated by different causes.  Its an interesting and compelling type of storytelling.

     "Like its predecessors, Suikoden 3 has 108 stars of Destiny.  And once you get far enough into the game, youll find that finding and recruiting all of them is just as addictive as ever.

     "If theres anything that really holds the game back from being truly stellar, it would boil down to its mediocre combat system.  Characters are paired up in fights, so that you can only enter in one command for every two fighters during random a battle, which diminishes some of the versatility, but encourages group combo attacks.

     "The overall amazing experience of playing through Suikoden 3s lengthy epic adventure is defiantly a required and absolutely recommended undertaking for any and all RPG fans," says Francesca Reyes, of the PMS magazine.

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