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This is a complete walkthrough for Dante's Disc. Read only if you want to
be spoiled. While the difficulty will change with Hard and Must Die modes, the
actual walkthrough and general strategies do not. Enemies get harder and
attack more, but you still do everything the same as you did before.

=== MISSION 1 =============================================== MISSION 1 ===
                              Toward the north,
                          the hunter of dark blood
                          will realize his destiny.
              - "Guidepost for the Hunters" Chapter 1 Clause 3
Break the statue and get the Red Orb from it. Go to the pillar to the left and breat the statue there for another one. Go down the small alley to the left of the building to get a large one from the face. Next, run around the right of the building and continue on. Break the statue and continue. Enter the small flag tower and get the large red orb. Continue along the walkway.

Jump over the gate and jump up on top of the big head on the wall for some Orbs. Go up to the archway. Run up the wall and then jump in the air to get a Blue Orb fragment.

    [ Blue Orb Fragment 1 ]

Just past the arches, jump up on the train to get more orbs. Continue forward until you see a cut-scene.

Stylishly kill the Agonofinis and continue. Walk into the street and jump up to get the red orb over the door on your left. Continue down the street and kill the Puia's that appear. Search the big door (Circle) to find Secret Room 1.

    [ Secret Room Level 1/21/41 ]

Go down the left roadway. You can jump into the waterway to collect orbs if you like. Okay, jump over the small building blocking the road and examine the door on the opposite side to find another secret room.

    [ Secret Room Level 2/22/42 ]
    [ Blue Orb Fragment 2 ]
I'd also recommend searching on the rooftops to find some more. Kill the Agonofinis as they come. Take a turn and the next bend. Kill the Agonofinis when you're blocked in. See the statue? Jump into the waterway and get the Blue Orb fragment.

    [ Blue Orb Fragment 3 ]

Jump up through the porticulis to get the red orb. Kill the Msira's and get the key.

    [ Gate Key Acquired. ]

Open the porticulis on the ground and get the red orb. Go through the large door at the end of the alley.

Search the rooftops and the streets for orbs. When you've got them all (including the reb orb generator), go up the path at the end of the street to finish the mission.

=== MISSION 2 =============================================== MISSION 2 ===
                          The aerial heart will
                       give the hunter the chance
                           to reach the skies.
               -"Guidepost for the Hunter" Chapter 1 Clause 6
Walk down the hallway and destroy the mask with your sword. Run down the steps.

Jump down to the lower area. Break the mask here and get the red orb. Kill the Agonofinis there. Continue around the corner and break the next mask. Keep attacking the Orb Generator and get the orbs. Search the coffin on the back wall to find a secret room.

    [ Secret Room Level 3/23/43 ]

Keep going. Break the next mask to open the wall. Kill the Flambats here. Break the mask and walk over the newly opened area to break through the floor. Get the orbs and the Blue Orb Fragment.

    [ Blue Orb Fragment 4 ]

Jump out and go through the big door.

Walk up to the door and search it. Get away before the hand grabs you and stand on the glowing area. Destroy the spheres as the floor changes. After destroying eight of them, the door will be cleansed. Go through it.

Go around the corner and kill the pyromancers in the pit. Jump out and break the statue. Get the blue orb fragment.

    [ Blue Orb Fragment 5 ]

Kill the Savage Golem (killing it several times is a good way to stock up orbs early on, though you'll pay when it comes to gametime when you complete the mission). Head back to the main hall. Go through the right side and break the statue there. Head back towards the entrance and kill the Firebats. Break the statue. Go to the opposite side and kill the Pyromancers. If you fall in the hole, kill the golems. Break the mask to open the door. Look in the coffin to the left of the orb to find a secret room.

    [ Secret Room Level 4/24/44 ]
    [ Blue Orb Fragment 6 ]

Go down the hallway and go through the door.

Kill the Agonoginis and the Pyromancers.

  Boss Battle : Goatlings 
Giant demonic human-goat things.                                      
Fireballs - They shoot fireballs at you.                              
Slam      - They flip and kick you.                                   
Swipe     - They swipe you with their arms and knock you back.        
The easiest way to kill these is to double-jump up and thwack them a couple of times in the air. They will fall to the ground. Then, attack them normally. They don't actually have too much life (which is good   since they become normal enemies soon).                               

Get the AerialHeart.

    [ AerialHeart acquired.]

Use your devil trigger and fly up through the opening.

=== MISSION 3 =============================================== MISSION 3 ===
                        The key to the next journey
                                 begins and
                               ends with death.
             - "Guideposts for the Hunter" Chapter 2 Clause 4
Move up the street. Instead of talking the street in front of you, continue backwards to the dead-end. Jump up on the larger pillars for some red orbs. Also get the blue orb fragment from the balcony area.

    [ Blue Orb Fragment 7 ]

Kill the enemies and continue down the main street now.

After the cut-scene, roll down the street and kill the Goatling. Now, head
back up and get the orbs you missed. On the right side of the street, about
half-way down, there's a door that you can enter for a secret.

    [ Secret Room Level 5/25/45 ]

Enter the doorway to the station (the one with the red orb on it).

Boss Battle : Orangguerra 
Orangguerra is a huge monkey from hell.                                
Ball Roll     - Rolls into a ball and attacks.                         
Grab 'n Smash - Grabs you and squashes the life out of you.            
Whack!        - Knocks you away with a swipe of his arm.               
Energy Bubble - Blows an energy bubble at you.                         
This boss is pretty simple. Make sure that you make use of the pillars when it goes into it's rolling ball mode so that it can't hit you. If you're out in the open when it makes the drop, then roll to the side and it should miss you (unless something gets in your way). I wouldn't recommend using your targetting on the boss since it will often target the Msiras instead if they get close.                                   
If it's climbing up on the ceiling, then target and fire Ebony and Ivory until it falls to the ground. Then jump up and hit it where the target is pointing with a three hit combo.                                      

Get the Station Key.

    [ Station Key acquired. ]

Exit the station and use the key on the ornate door nearby.

=== MISSION 4 =============================================== MISSION 4 ===
                    She has many arms but only one heart,
                        as she waits for the hunter
                            deep in the water.
             - "Guideposts for the Hunter" Chapter 4 Clause 5
Run up the street. The first secret room is the first door on your left.

    [ Secret Room Level 6/26/46 ]
    [ Blue Orb Fragment 8 ]

Continue down the street. Jump up on the ornamental carvings on the wall for an orb. Also get the one on the large door. Continue down the rocky roadway. Kill the Msiras and jump up on the stone blocks on either side of the road to get a red orb and a blue orb.

    [ Blue Orb acquired. ]
Continue to the bottom of the hill and kill more Msiras. Break the boards over the door and continue.

On the left side of the cliff, jump up the ledges until you get the blue orb fragment.

    [ Blue Orb Fragment 9 ]

Now, jump over to the buildings to get another red orb. Follow the docks back towards the entrance for some more and to find a red orb generator. Once it's empty, search the door for a secret room.

    [ Secret Room Level 7/27/47 ]

Run back down the path and jump up on the scaffolding to get the orbs. Enter the doorway.

Kill the Agonofises and go through the door at the top of the stairs. Get the orb and jump up on the engine. Jump up to the ceiling structure to get a gold orb. Jump down and get the Quick Heart.

    [ QuickHeart acquired. ]

Exit the room. Jump down and kill the Agonofises and go through the door.

Hit the object out front and use your devil trigger to use the QuickHeart. Go down the waterfront and through the gate. Get the orb near the garage and then climb up the stairs for another. Go through the door.

Boss Battle : Jokatgulm
Jokatgulm is a giant squid-like creature.                              
Tentacle Slam - Hits you with a tentacle.                              
Poison Breath - Spits poison fumes at you.                             
Okay, there's a lot of tentacles to jump over, but it's actually not much of a problem.                                                     
All you have to do is get in the middle of them and attack the head. Use your devil trigger and the boss will die easily and you won't take much damage at all.                                                     

Go into the doorway to get the shotgun and end the mission.

    [ Sub-Weapon Shotgun acquired. ]

=== MISSION 5 =============================================== MISSION 5 ===
                             Close to your eyes,
                         but far-off in your mind,
              the hunter must learn to the value of options.
             - "Guideposts for the Hunter" Chapter 5 Clause 4
Move forward until you're trapped. Kill Freki&Geri. When you've done that, continue forward up the ramp. Kill the Blood Goats and Puias. Search the door to the right of the ruined highway for a secret room.

    [ Secret Room Level 8/28/48 ]
    [ Blue Orb Fragment 10 ]

Now, head down to the tunnel.

When you come out, you'll get to fight some Homromsira and an Orangguerra.
Enter the second door on the right after the bridge for a secret room.

    [ Secret Room Level 9/29/49 ]

Jump over the truck at the end of the road.

After the cut scene, kill the three tanks. The easiest way is to jump on top of them and wail on them with your sword. When they start firing their machine guns, jump and take them out with the shotgun. Enter the door near the first tank for a secret.

    [ Secret Room Level 10/30/50 ]
    [ Blue Orb Fragment 11 ]

Run back towards the truck and jump over the wall with the red orb on it. Get the OffenseHeart from that area.

    [ OffenceHeart acquired. ]

Jump back to the area where the tanks were. Go up the ramp and get the red orb and the blue orb fragment.

    [ Blue Orb Fragment 12 ]

Go back down the ramp and move up the street to a cut-scene.

Boss Battle : Infected Chopper 
A helicopter infested by an Infestant.                                 
Machine Guns-These don't do much damage, but they knock you down.    
Missiles     - Do a heafty amount of damage AND stun you.              
Okay, this is an easy boss. Make sure you have your shotgun equipped.  Double-jump and keep shooting it. When it fires its missiles, just stay on the ground and jump them. Then jump up and continue shooting it. You shouldn't even get hurt unless you mistime a jump.             

Run to the small area where there's no fire.

Climb up the stairs and jump up to get the orbs. Double-Jump up to the next level.

Boss Battle : Infected Chopper  
This time the Infected Chopper is much easier since it can't shoot over the banister. Just stand at the front of the building and shoot it with your shotgun.                                                  

Continue jumping as the building burns. Higher up you have to jump up where the orbs are to climb higher. Keep climbing. Once at the top of the building, exit through the doorway.

Boss Battle : Infected Chopper     
This battle is optional, since it'll keep coming back. But, still.     
Simple. Stay near the doorway and jump and shoot it. Any missiles will hit the building and are easy to dodge. You'll also not get hit by the machine gun fire.                                                      

Get the orb from the area that you're shown when you leave the doorway.

Boss Battle : Infected Chopper 
This battle is optional, since it'll keep coming back. But, still.     
It's just as easy. Time your jumps to miss the rockets. And keep       
firing your shotgun.                                                   

Jump down and get all the orbs. Jump over to the building where you're supposed to (from the cut-scene) and go around the right side. Get the blue orb by jumping in the window-washer cart.

    [ Blue Orb acquired. ]

Jump out and climb back up the building. Jump along the path it shows you.

Jump up on the girder to get a bunch of red orbs. Go into the small doorway if you need a Gold Orb. Jump up on the small building and over to the tower. Start scaling the tower at the top you'll get to fight the chopper a final time.

Boss Battle : Infected Chopper 
Use the large pillars to avoid any rockets. Dodge in and out using      evade to destroy it. Jump and shoot it. No simpler way to put it.      
Just make sure to dodge the missiles as they come or they may knock you down a couple of floors. This is one of the easiest bosses in the just has a lot of health.                                    

=== MISSION 6 =============================================== MISSION 6 ===
                        Its extremeties reach the sky.
                 Its intestines reflect the color of darkness.
                       Its name means a tower of misery.
               - "Guideposts for the Hunters" Chapter 6 Caluse 2
                 (and yes, "clause" is misspelled in the game)
Okay, walk into the center of the plaza.

Boss Battle : Nefasturris 
Nefasturris is a huge building-sized lifeform. It's one of the coolest boss designs in the game, but is sadly one of the easiest bosses, even on DMD.                                                                
Form 1: Nefasturris                                                    
Breath attack - Shoots an electrical beam from its mouth. 
Form 2: Nefasvermis                                                    
Debris - Debris flies at you.                                        
Swipe  - Attempts to swipe you with its arm.                         
Form 3: Nefascapitis                                                   
Lotsa Lasers-Evade to the side of him and shoot him in the side of the head.                                
Electric balls    - Evade them and continue shooting him.            
Horizontal Lasers - Jump them or roll under them, depending on the height. Shoot him while doing so.                
Vertical Lasers   - Just evade to the side and shoot him.            
Nefasturris comes in three flavors...                                  
Form 1: Nefasturris                                                    
All you have to do is jump over his breath attacks and shoot him with your shotgun. Simple.                                           
Form 2: Nefasvermis                                                    
Okay, he'll do a little damage if you get near his flailing arms. Strafe around him and shoot him and he'll go down quickly. Basically, you're attacking his appendages...I guess (it still targets his head, but the enemy data comes up as his appendages).    
Form 3: Nefascapitis                                                   
The strategy is simple. If it plops down on the ground, it's about shoot a lot of lasers at you. Just evade to the side and go in for the kill. Next, if it's floating, it will most likely either shoot electrical balls at you, or it will do its hor/vert laser attack. Both are easily avoided by evading. Just keep whittling away its life when it starts its multiple laser attack.                       

=== MISSION 7 =============================================== MISSION 7 ===
                             A meeting of power
                                 shall end
                                in conflict.
               - "Guidepost for the Hunters" Chapter 7 Clause 1
Enter the main large room and jump down to the floor. Kill the Homromsiras and the Gbusiras. Jump up to the next staircase and up to the pipe. Ride the pipe to the next area.

Jump down to the lower area and run behind the machinery for a gold orb. Jump up and go through the door nearby.

Walk down the walkway. When enemies appear, target the Slicere to get rid of them all quickly. Go past the door at the bottom and switch to your AerialHeart. Enter the main area in the center and fly up to the top to get the FlameHeart.

    [ FlameHeart acquired. ]

  Go through the door.

Switch to Ebony and Ivory if you haven't already. Kill the flamebats and the Homromsiras. Jump down onto the small ledge in the lava and go into the door. Get the Vendetta.

    [ Weapon Vendetta acquired. ]

Exit the room and finish jumping across the lava. Run all the way to the wall on the lowest side ledge. Search the wall there to enter a secret room. Enter the door there.

    [ Secret Room Level 11/31/51 ]

Step onto the elevator. Make sure that you have Ebony and Ivory selected and take out the Flamebats. Kill the Bloodgoats when the elevator comes to a stop. Enter the train.

Kill the Msiras and the Terreofinises that come at you. Since they keep coming for a while, you can get a lot of orbs. Go through the door.

Jump up on the supports up top for some orbs. Also, destroy the boxes for some more. Get on the elevator. Kill the Flamebats. Enter the door on the left side of the room to find a secret room.

    [ Secret Room Level 12/32/52 ]
    [ Blue Orb Fragment 13 ]

  Go out the door to finish the mission.

=== MISSION 8 =============================================== MISSION 8 ===
                                The challenger
                                  shall rise,
                            while the king evades.
               - "Guidepost for the Hunters" Chapter 7 Clause 9

Boss Battle : Furiataurus 
Furiatarus is a giant goat with a hammer.                                
Fire Breath  - Evade to the sides to avoid it.                           
Hammer- Evade to the sides to avoid it. Note that you can be hit on the backswing if you're attacking him from behind.     
Charge   - Either evade or jump and attack to avoid a charge.        
Ring of Fire - Just double-jump to avoid it.                             
It's not that hard of a battle, but he does have a lot of life. The main thing to remember is to EVADE. It is so necessary on him that I can't stress it enough. Almost any of his attacks can be avoided by evading. I'd also recommend using the Shotgun and Vendetta on him.                
You can use your devil trigger to take him down as well, but you should still get an S ranking if you don't. I killed him in under 2 minutes without using it, and if I can do it, anyone can.                       

=== MISSION 9 =============================================== MISSION 9 ===
                                 The hunter
                               will discover
                           the purity of speed.
              - "Guideposts for the Hunters" Chapter 8 Clause 2
Enter the door.

Jump down the shaft so that you get the orbs. Ignore the enemies and head down the tracks. Get the red orb from the left track and then take the right track. Enter the door.

Go through the door to the lava room. Jump up to the left side and go through the door at the top of the stairs.

Go into the area where you flew up and got the Flame Heart. Get some orbs from the generator and fly up to one of the upper levels. Exit the door at the top of the stairs.

In this area, there are three orb switches to activate. The first one is right below you. The second is on the next platform up. And the last one is just above that one (you should see them all in the opening cut-scene).

Also, you can walk up the pipes that you slid down to get to this room earlier to get a Blue Orb fragment.

    [ Blue Orb Fragment 14 ]

  Once the door is unlocked, go through it.

Jump down and avoid the Agonofinis and Terrorfinises. Jump up to the door near the pipe and go through it.

Enter the plane in the center of the hangar. Break the boxes inside to get the missile launcher.

    [ Sub-Weapon: Missile Launcher acquired. ]

  Exit the plane and enter the hole it created in the fan.

=== MISSION 10 ============================================= MISSION 10 ===
                            Two lights will open
                         the sealed door and guide
                    the hunter to the deep underground
               - "Guideposts for the Hunter" Chapter 9 Clause 3
Go to the right from where you start and around the corner. You'll find some
red orbs and a blue orb fragment. Jump up on the second destroyed pillar for
some red orbs. Search the pillar on the right (with a burning skull) that is
closest to the glowing door.

  [ Secret Room Level 13/33/53 ]

The first orb that you have to light is on the right side of the main path,
about half-way down. It's in the ruined walls, but it's not hard to find.
Whack it and use your devil trigger with QuickHeart. The second one is on the
opposite side, alost exactly in the same place. When the door opens, go up and beat on the orb. Walk towards the hole that opened.

Boss Battle : Larva and Noctpteran 
The Noctpteran is a giant moth and the Larvae are its worms. Every now and again, it will drop eggs to the ground.                              
Attacks (Noctpteran):                                                      
I don't think it attacks. It just drops eggs and lets the Larva attack.  
Attacks Larva:                                                             
Smack  - They burrow out of the ground and smack you. Just evade.        
Charge - They charge you and swallow you for some higher damage.  Evade.  
It's not that hard of a battle, but he does have a lot of life. The main thing to remember is to EVADE. It is so necessary on him that I can't stress it enough. Almost any of his attacks can be avoided by evading. I'd also recommend using the Shotgun and Vendetta on him.                
You can use your devil trigger to take him down as well, but you should   still get an S ranking if you don't. I killed him in under 2 minutes without using it, and if I can do it, anyone can.                       

=== MISSION 11 ============================================= MISSION 11 ===
                He wilds a spear and is obeyed by the wolves.
                 His single eye possesses knowledge and hate.
                     He is the one who brings misfortune.
                - "Guideposts for the Hunter" Chapter 9 Clause 6
Run down the path and search the door with an eye to find a secret room.

    [ Secret Room Level 14/34/54 ]
    [ Blue Orb Fragment 15 ]

Continue down the path and kill the Agonofinises and the Goatlings. Keep going until you go through the arches.

Kill the Gbusmsira's and jump down into the next room. Hit the orb and then jump up and get the orbs. Make sure you jump into the holes that have orbs. The one to the right of the main entrance has a bunch of red orbs in it. Smack the orb in the center of the room to turn it. Leave the room.

Break the two statues and switch to your devil trigger with QuickHeart and run down the hall (if you don't, you'll have to fight some golems). When the spikes fall, wait and then bash at the door. Run back to safety and then bash some more until it breaks. Jump on the spike lift and go down a small corridor. Get the Merciless.

    [ Weapon Merciless acquired. ]

Go through it. Break the statues and climb up the stairs. Jump down into the main room. If you jump on the small platform along the wall left of the door, you'll get some red orbs. Jump up to the next platform and search the relief to find a secret room.

    [ Secret Room Level 15/35/55 ]

Jump along the platforms to get to the very top of the room (not where the orb is located). Run down the small hallway and get the Submachine Guns.

    [ Sub-Weapon: subMachine Guns acquired. ]

Exit and smash the orb. Jump on the platform. Jump off and go down the hallway. Break the orbs. Okay, this next part is annoying. You need to break the stones so that you have time to run to the next room and get the HealingHeart. Wear down the first two by not targetting them. Then switch to your devil trigger with the QuickHeart and smash the last one. Run and get the Healing Heart.

    [ HealingHeart acquired. ]

  Jump in the hole.


Boss Battle : Bolverk 
Bolverk has Freki&Geri with him so he's annoying to target.            
He swings his sword around a lot, so just keep your distance and use your submachine guns to gain some devil trigger back.                  
He's just annoying. He'll sit there and swing his sword around and tag you out of the air. The main thing to do is keep your distance and use your Devil Trigger when you have it. When you don't, stay as far away as possible and shoot him to regain it. There's a health orb up on the throne for when you get low, as well.                           

  Walk up to the seal.

=== MISSION 12 ============================================= MISSION 12 ===
                             When the hunter and
                    the protector meet, the last mystery
                         will be given and received.
                - "Guideposts for the Hunter" Chapter 9 Clause 9
Search the large door right behind you to find a secret room.

  [ Secret Room Level 16/36/56 ]
  [ Blue Orb Fragment 16 ]

Jump down to the large room.

Boss Battle : Protector 
The Protector is a giant orb that spawns Sargassos. It has a ring of      power boxes swirling around it.                                          
Only the Sargassos attack. Usually they just spit energy at you.         
The energy ring around the Protector is annoying because it will knock you down and as you're getting up, will often knock you down again. Still, it's not that difficult to beat. The key is to get it down to one Sargasso (if you kill them all, it will just spawn more). That way you'll target them less. Then, just smash the energy boxes. When they're all destroyed, a hole will open in the floor.                   

Jump into the hole. Run down the hallway and break the urns. Behind the
first one, search the wall for some red orbs. Behind the last  one on the
left, search the wall to find a secret room.

  [ Secret Room Level 17/37/57 ]

Enter the door at the end of the hall.

Boss Battle : Plutinian 
The Plutinian is a giant, two-headed suit of armor with two huge maces that it uses to brain its victims.                                       
Ball Swing - It swings a ball around in a circle to knock you away.      
Ball Smash - Smashes the balls together for a lot of damage.             
Laser Show - Lasers shoot out of the walls.                              
Summoning  - Summons Agonofinses to help him out.                        
I did it the simple way. I used my rocket launcher from a distance to take down it's life quickly. Then I switched to my Devil Trigger and ran in to stylishly finish him off. It was an easy battle.              

Step into the small hole that opens up and take the elevator.

=== MISSION 13 ============================================= MISSION 13 ===
                           The hunter will learn
                                to feel with
                              a leap of faith.
               - "Guideposts for the Hunter" Chapter 10 Clause 3

Boss Battle : Arius 
Arias is the corporate leader that you've been tailing this whole time.  
Void      - You will be sucked into a void and spit out.                 
Dark Ball - He sends a ball of black energy along the floor to envelope you.                                                         
Gunshot   - Shoots his gun from a distance.                              
Summon    - Summons AbyssGoats and Jomothumsiras.                        
Whittle him down with the missile launcher and then Devil Trigger in for the kill. It's an easy battle. If you want to work up your ranking in orbs and style, make sure to attack the abyssgoats and jomothummsiras.  

=== MISSION 14 ============================================= MISSION 14 ===
                             Four lights will open
                            the door to the future
                                 and the past.
               - "Guideposts for the Hunter" Chapter 11 Clause 7
Search the doors on the left side of the area to find a secret room.

  [ Secret Room Level 18/38/58 ]
  [ Blue Orb Fragment 17 ]

Go through the archway near the item statue and kill the AbyssGoats. Take a right down the street and jump up on the rooftops. Jump up on the tall building near where you fought the AbyssGoats. Double-jump (or DT and fly up) to smash the orb.

    [Orb 1 Triggered]

Continue on until you reach the area where you first fought the Msiras to get the key (on Mission 1). Kill the Brontomancers, Pyromancers, and various types of Msiras here and smack the orb around.

    [Orb 2 Triggered]

Jump out and go up the small path. Kill the Savage Golems and the Demonochoruses here and smack the orb up.

    [Orb 3 Triggered]

Move down the street until you see a path off to the left. Follow it and kill the enemies there. Fly up to the ornamental carving for a blue orb fragment.

    [ Blue Orb Fragment 18 ]

  Smack the orb in the air.

    [Orb 4 Triggered]

  Enter the large door nearby.

Run up to the eye in the center of the room and slash it.

Boss Battle : Phantom   
An old friend is back from the Abyss. It's Phantom, the giant spider from the first game.                                                   
Claw-This will take off quite a bit of damage and stun you for a second.
Tail- This is a multiple attack that doesn't seem to do a lot of damage, but definitely stuns you for a second.       
Fireball - Just evade this simple attack. He'll shoot three of them.
Fire Pillars - Sometime he will smash the ground and pillars of flame will appear. Just double-jump to evade them. 
Energy Blast - He will charge and let a blast of energy go. Just avoid it and go in for the kill.                              
Okay, first of all, use your Devil Trigger and take off as much as you possibly can. Then, switch to your rocket launcher and start taking off more. You can jump on top of him and attack like in the first, but this time he is a little smarter and will automatically initiate his tail attack to get you off of him.                                     
     Watch out. He can block your attacks as well.                          

=== MISSION 15 ============================================= MISSION 15 ===
                        They swarm like clouds and
                             desperately seek
                         the hunter's dark blood.
              - "Guideposts for the Hunters" Chapter 11 Clause 9
Smack the central eye. Now, find the mound with a dead eye on it. Knock one of the Msiras onto it to get the ChronoHeart.

  [ ChronoHeart acquired. ]

Okay, now that you have it, start killing them as fast as you can. It will
most likely take you two tries if you didn't get the ChronoHeart right off.
The enemies keep coming.

If you don't do it the first time, the enemies will get progressively easier
on Normal mode. If you don't do it the first time on Hard and DMD mode, you'll still be in for a hefty battle.

Jump into the center of the thing.

=== MISSION 16 ============================================= MISSION 16 ===
                              Chaos ripens as
                              the hunter runs
                              toward the sky.
              - "Guideposts for the Hunters" Chapter 12 Clause 1
Walk up to the door and then kill the BloodGoats as they appear. Go through the door.

Kill the various finises that attack you in the elevator. In suck close quarters, you should have Showtime in no time. Exit the door when they're all dead.

Break the vases for some red orbs. Run down the hall. If you need to buy anything or upgrade, then do so. Otherwise, take the left hallway and go through the door.

Run down the hall and get the orbs in the small room. Next, continue down the hall to a door and head on through.

Okay, this room can be annoying. If you get touched by the balls, you'll be transported to a sub-realm where you have to kill the two Savage Golems. The easiest way to do this is to get out of the Mortofinises reach and use your rocket launcher. When you get to the end of the hall, jump up and get the Sacrilege.

    [ Sacrilege acquired. ]

  Jump down and go through the door below it to find a Secret Room.

    [ Secret Room 19/39/59]

  Run all the way around the upper balcony and get the Blue Orb.

    [ Blue Orb acquired. ]

  Jump down and put the Sacrilege into the statues mouth.

Head back toward the elevator. Walk down the hall and you'll fight Bolverk and Freki&Geri again. Kill him to get another Sacrilege.

    [ Sacrilege acquired. ]

  Use it on the door.

The area has changed again. Go past the Msiras and down the small hallway near the Msiras and go down it. You'll have to fight some Blood Goats to get another Sacrilege.

    [ Sacrilege acquired. ]

  Put it in the mouth and exit the room.

Go to the only area that you haven't been to yet and go through the door. Smash the orb and kill the AbyssGoats. Get the FrostHeart.

    [ Frostheart acquired. ]

Okay, head back to where you fought the Abyssgoats to get the Sacrilege and go through the door in the back of that room.

Take the elevator and kill all the enemies inside. Get off at the top.
Boss Battle: Trismagia 
This thing has three different faces that it rotates around. Each one has a different attack.                                                
Frost Face     - Frost breath                                          
Fire Face      - Fire breath                                           
Lightning Face - Lightning Orbs                                        
Main Face      - Huge energy attack                                    
I did it the easy way. I just sat back and used the rocket launcher to take out the faces. Just evade them when they get close and keep firing and you should be fine. When they converge into a single face, make sure that you watch it charge. Then evade as it fires to avoid the huge attack. Just keep on firing and you'll take it out.           
     It has two full bars of life to annoy you with.                        

  Jump onto the table and search the chair to find a secret room.

    [ Secret Room Level 20/40/60 ]

  Step into the light to finish the mission.

=== MISSION 17 ============================================= MISSION 17 ===
                                 Evil must
                                be opposed
                              and destroyed.
               - "Guidepost for the Hunters" Chapter 12 Clause 9
Walk down the hallway and go through the door.

Boss Battle : Arius 
Arias is the corporate leader that you've been tailing this whole time.  
Void      - You will be sucked into a void and spit out.                 
Dark Ball - He sends a ball of black energy along the floor to envelope you.
Gunshot   - Shoots his gun from a distance.                              
Summon    - Summons AbyssGoats and Jomothumsiras.                        
Whittle him down with the missile launcher and then Devil Trigger in for the kill. Watch out for the nasties that he summons as they will draw your fire.                                                              

=== MISSION 18 ============================================= MISSION 18 ===
The hunter
shall surpass all
who came before him.
               - "Guidepost for the Hunters" Chapter 13 Clause 1

Boss Battle: Argosax the Chaos  
Argosax the Chaos is a algamation of all of the bosses that you've fought so far.                                                           
Attacks (Orangguerra):                                                     
Attacks (Furiataurus):                                                     
Attacks (Phantom):                                                         
Attacks (Nefasturris):                                                     
Attacks (Jokatgulm):                                                       
Okay, on normal and hard mode, it has a lot of life, but it will only attack when in focus, so it's easy to strafe in and out of its view and whittle it down slowly without taking any damage.                        
On Dante Must Die mode, all the heads will be attacking whether they are in focus or not, so evading and jumping are necessary. In DMD mode, this boss is annoying and difficult not so much because it's hard to kill, but because its life is so huge and it has so many attacks. Think Nightmare 2 on Hard (from the first DMC) and you know what you're up against.                   

Boss Battle: The Despair Embodied 
This boss is a firey form which looks very cool, but isn't very difficult. Though it is annoying on DMD mode.                            
Fireball   - Shoots fireballs at you.                                    
Fireslash  - Slashes you with its sword.                                 
Firethrust - Powerful fire thrust with its sword.                        
Constantly keep moving and locked onto it. When you can, use your guns to regain some DT. Switch to your devil form and wail on it until out. Then, continue firing with your guns and evading its attacks. It takes a little while, but reminded me a lot of Bolverk without the reach. If you're having trouble, here's a really useful tactic. Save your DT when it attacks, use it to avoid damage. Then get out of it and retaliate. Kinda cheap, but it works. 

You have now completed Devil May Cry 2 with Dante. Now go back through it on Hard and Dante Must Die to unlock more goodies. 99% of everything that I stated here will hold true on the other modes, you'll just have to have faster reflexes and more skill.