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This is a complete walkthrough for Lucia's Disc. While the difficulty of
the enemies will change, the actual gameplay of the levels will not. Bosses will act more aggressively and use special attacks in Hard and Must Die modes.

=== MISSION 1 =============================================== MISSION 1 ===
                              Toward the south,
                                the protector
                             will find the time.
             - "Guideposts for the Protectors" Chapter 1 Clause 3
Search the area to find 45 red orbs. You can also break the pipes on the roofs to find some more. Go through the door when you have 45 orbs. If you're playing on Hard or LMD, you won't have any problem.

Move forward and into the arena. Kill the agonofinises and jump through the hole to the outside area. Jump into the waterway and search the grating next to the large wall to find the first secret room.

    [ Secret Room Level 1/11/21 ]
    [ Blue Orb Fragment 1 ]

Next, run down the street to the item statue and jump up on the ledge to get the blue orb fragment.

    [ Blue Orb Fragment 2 ]

Run up the street and kill the Agonofinises as they come. Jump up onto the rooftops and up to the large building near the huge door at the end of the street. Jump up on the pillar for some red orbs. Jump down and continue up the street, battling the Agonofinises until you reach a cut-scene. Kill the Savage Golems. Go up the steps and past the arch. Jump up onto the shoulder of the huge statue on the wall and up onto its head.

    [ Blue Orb Fragmet 3 ]

Jump down and get the red orb from the watch tower on your way up the mountain. At the top of the mountain, destroy the statues. Search the huge face to the left of the large double-doors to find a secret room.

    [ Secret Room Level 2/12/22 ]
    [ Blue Orb Fragment 4 ]

  Enter the large double-doors to finish the mission.

=== MISSION 2 =============================================== MISSION 2 ===
                            The aerial heart will
                       give the protector the chance
                             to reach the skies.
             - "Guideposts for the Protectors" Chapter 1 Clause 8
Get the orbs from the stairwells and attack the glowing orb at the top. Kill the Goatlings and get the Aerial Heart.

  [ AerialHeart acquired. ]

  Fly up to the ledge and get the orbs. Jump up through the hole.

Climb up the stairs. Jump up on the platform and kill the Agonofinises. Jump up to the platform and destroy the statue for some Darts.

  [ Sub-Weapon Darts acquired. ]

  Jump up to get a Blue Orb Fragment.

  [ Blue Orb Fragment 5 ]

Jump over to the platform opposite where you got the darts and continue to jump up. Continue up the platforms until you find an orb generator. Smack it around for some orbs. Continue jumping from platform to platform. Jump up to the large circular platform to continue.

Regenerate your Devil energy if you need it and fly up to the glowing orb. Hit it until it is active and fly up to the top of the level that opens.

  Buy any items you need and go up the stairs.

Break the statues and get the orbs. When you get far enough into the room, you'll get to face Tartarussian.

Boss Battle: Tartarussian
It is a large suit of armor with two huge mace balls that it attacks with.
Ball Strike     - Smacks you with a ball from a distance. 
Round the World - Kocks you away from it if you're close.  
This is an extremely easy boss. All you have to do is get in close, DT and start taking down the life. When you're out of DT, maintain a safe distance and start throwing knives at it to gain your DT again.   

Enter the small area that opens and get the Arcana Spada sword and the Blue Orb fragment.

  [ Artifact Arcana Spada acquired. ]
  [ Blue Orb Fragment 6 ]

  Go up the stairs.

Get the orbs and jump over the wall after the trail of orbs you see to finish the mission.

=== MISSION 3 =============================================== MISSION 3 ===
                      She has many arms but only one heart,
                         as she waits for the protector
                                deep in the water.
             - "Guideposts for the Protectors" Chapter 4 Clause 5
Run down the street to the open section. Move down the main street until the cut-scene. Evade the magic pools until you're near the Goatling. Beat the hell out of it. Enter the large wooden door on your left.

  Get the Klyamoor.

  [ Weapon Klyamoor acquired. ]

  Exit the room.

  Enter the large stone door nearby.

Run down the street and jump up on the ornate carving on the wall in front of you. Jump up on the next one and up into the air to get a Blue Orb.

  [ Blue Orb acquired. ]

Jump down and start fighting the Msiras. Jump up on the blocks on the side of the road for some easy orbs. After you kill them all at the top and bottom of the hill, attack the boarded up archway at the bottom of the road. After you break it open, run down the road.

  Jump up the left cliff until you reach the blue orb fragment.

  [ Blue Orb Fragment 7 ]

Jump down and jump down to the waterfront. Beat the hell out of the orb generator and run down the docks. Ignore the small arch to your right for now. Get any stray orbs you see and enter the building at the far end of the area.

Kill the agonofinises here and search the carving on the stairway to find a secret room.

  [ Secret Room Level 3/13/23 ]
  [ Blue Stone Fragment 8 ]

Enter the door at the top of the stairs (there also some red orbs hiding along the ceiling in the stairwell).

Jump up on the unit in the back of the room and up to get a large red orb. Get the HealingHeart and any items you need to purchase. Exit the room.

Go outside.

Run down the waterfront to the small archway. Collect the orbs there and climb up the stairs. Search at the top for a secret room.

  [ Secret Room Level 4/14/24 ]
  [ Blue Stone Fragment 9 ]

  Enter the building.

Boss Battle : Jokatgulm
Jokatgulm is a giant squid-like creature.                              
Tentacle Slam - Hits you with a tentacle.                             
Poison Breath - Spits poison fumes at you.                             
Okay, there's a lot of tentacles to jump over, but it's actually not much of a problem.                                                     
All you have to do is get in the middle of them and attack the head. Use your devil trigger and the boss will die easily and you won't take much damage at all.  

  Get the orbs and go through the door that opened to finish the mission.

=== MISSION 4 =============================================== MISSION 4 ===
                    Dodge flame tubes and navigate through
                       the cracked city streets so that
                 when the time comes, your path will be shown.
             - "Guideposts for the Protectors" Chapter 5 Clause 6
Jump over the lip of the tunnel entrance to get a Blue Orb fragment.

  [ Blue Orb Fragment 10 ]

Run down the tunnel and kill the Infestants. Get the OffenceHeart.

  [ OffenceHeart acquired. ]

Run up the tunnel and into the street.

Boss Battle : Orangguerra
Orangguerra is a huge monkey from hell.                                
Ball Roll     - Rolls into a ball and attacks.                        
Grab 'n Smash - Grabs you and squashes the life out of you.           
Whack!        - Knocks you away with a swipe of his arm.              
Energy Bubble - Blows an energy bubble at you.                         
This is actually an easy battle. Whittle off some damage with your daggers and wait for him to jump at you in his ball mode. Then unleash your DT and cut him down to size. He'll go down in no time at all!     

Enter the tunnel.

Walk into the main area.

Boss Battle : Infested Tank    Description:                                                             
This tank has been infested by an Infestant and is now acting on its own accord.    
Machine Gun - If you get on it, it will fire its machine guns.         
Turret      - Fires an explosive charge.                               
This is simple. All you have to do is get on the bridge and jump and throw knives. It'll never hit you. If you want, you can DT and take it out quicker. This is especially useful if you are trying to get the S rank for time.      

=== MISSION 5 =============================================== MISSION 5 ===
                              The protector must
                               rise to confront
                               destiny head-on.
             - "Guideposts for the Protectors" Chapter 7 Clause 1
Run forward and jump down to the middle section. Kill the enemies if you wish. Jump up to the other side and go through the door there.

Run down the hallway. Jump up to get the orb and go through the door.

Jump on the plane and get the orb. Enter the back of the plane.

Break the box and get the CrankyBomb. Exit the plane.

Go through the door toward the rear of the plane.

Hit the orb until you turn on the power. Leave the room.

Continue back the way you came.

Run down the hall and through the door.

Now, jump down into the middle section. Kill the enemies if you wish. Jump up to the platform you started on and go through the garage door.

Don't worry too much about the Evil Heart. You'll be rid of it soon enough. Jump down to the lower section, ignoring the Puias. Run around the gas tanks and get a Blue Orb Fragment. You can also get a gold heart if you feel like climbing on the pipes.

  [ Blue Orb Fragment 11 ]

Go through the door nearby.

Smack the orb until the force field is gone. Run down the stairs. When you encounter enemies, let the Spiceres do their job. Go past the door at the bottom and recharge your DT if needed. If you're not concerned about time, you can use your HealingHeart to regain life from the DT restore point. Enter the central area and get your orbs from the orb generator. Fly up to the top of the area to get the FlameHeart.

    [ FlameHeart acquired. ]

Jump down and go through the door.

Jump down to the floor and go through the small hole in the wall there.

Walk into the small hallway and use the Evil Heart. You will receive the ElectroHeart.

  [ ElectroHeart acquired. ]

Run back out of the hallway. Go through the door that unlocks.

Run down the tracks. Kill the BloodGoats and get the orbs. Break the boxes and jump up on the support beams abover you to get some more orbs. Step on the elevator. Kill the Flambats. When it comes to a stop, get off. Go in the right door to find a secret room.

  [ Secret Room Level 5/15/25 ]
  [ Blue Orb Fragment 12 ]

Go through the door to finish the mission.

=== MISSION 6 =============================================== MISSION 6 ===
                                 The protector,
                                 the king, and
                                   the truth.
             - "Guideposts for the Protectors" Chapter 1 Clause 3
Kill the Savage Golems and the Demonochoruses.

Boss Battle : Larva and Noctpteran
The Noctpteran is a giant moth and the Larvae are its worms. Every now and again, it will drop eggs to the ground.                     
Attacks (Noctpteran):                                                    
I don't think it attacks. It just drops eggs and lets the Larva attack.
Attacks Larva:                                                           
Smack  - They burrow out of the ground and smack you. Just evade.
Charge - They charge you and swallow you for some higher damage. Evade.
It's not that hard of a battle, but he does have a lot of life. The main thing to remember is to EVADE. It is so necessary on him that I can't stress it enough. Almost any of his attacks can be avoided by evading.    
You can use your devil trigger to take him down as well, but you should still get an S ranking if you don't. I killed him in under 2 minutes without using it, and if I can do it, anyone can.

From the cut-scene, you should know that there's a blue orb fragment nearby.

  [ Blue Orb Fragment 13 ]

Okay, time to activate your DT and fly to the top of the pillars. Get the orbs there. Now, you need to fly to the ledge along the wall where you just got the last fragment. There's a huge hole there. Search around inside the hole until you find another secret room.

  [ Secret Room Level 6/16/26 ]
  [ Blue Orb Fragment 14 ]
Jump down into the water and swim under where you got the blue orb fragment to get the Bowgun.

  [ Sub-Weapon Bowgun acquired. ]

Swim through the door to finish the level.

=== MISSION 7 =============================================== MISSION 7 ===
                      Holy and filthy at the same time,
                           some mysteries should
                              be extinguished.
             - "Guideposts for the Protectors" Chapter 1 Clause 3
Swim down the hallway and go into the small niche to find a blue orb.

    [ Blue Orb acquired. ]

Swim up the hole and follow the trail of orbs. Go through the door.

Get the AquaHeart from the pedestal.

    [ AquaHeart acquired. ]

Kill the Auromancers and jump up on the ledge abover where you got the heart. Jump up to the next room and break the urns for some orbs. Jump over to the right doorway and search it for a secret room.

    [ Secret Room Level 7/17/27 ]
    [ Blue Orb Fragment 15 ]

Now go down the right hallway and jump into the water. Swim down into the next room.  Swim up into the hole that the cut-scene shows you. Kill the Sargassos so that they don't interfere. Now, you have to light the 6 different orbs in this room. Once you do so, platforms will appear. Jump up on the platforms and activate the orb at the top.

Swim back down into the previous room and down the hole. Get any items you think you might need and head through the door.

Boss Battle : Tateobesu 
A big, ugly, annoying fish boss.                                       
Attacks (Noctpteran):                                                    
Electrical Attack - Zaps you.                               
Charge            - Charges you.                              
Bite              - Guess what he does.                           
Just swim around and keep using your Bowgun. It's annoying, I know, but you'll wear him down. He's easy to dodge. When he cloaks himself, just look for the wavery section or he might bite you.                 
As usual, DT to make it go faster...but, if you don't want to get hurt, only use your DT when it charges you to avoid getting damaged. While doing this, make sure you keep shooting it.  

Swim up through the hole to end the mission.

=== MISSION 8 =============================================== MISSION 8 ===
                             Defeat the prisoner
                      in the abyss and hand the hunter
                            the mysterious vessel.
             - "Guideposts for the Protectors" Chapter 9 Clause 9
Search the small square area right above where you come out to find a secret room.

    [ Secret Room Level 8/18/28 ]
    [ Blue Orb Fragment 16 ]

Kill the blades and get the gold orb from behind one of the pillars if you need it. Swim through the hole in the ceiling and jump out of the water. Walk up to the big eye and examine it.

Hit the fireball back at the eye three times with your sword to break the icon and raise the water level. Kill the Erupt Cells and search behind the broken statue to find a Blue Orb Fragment.

    [ Blue Orb Fragment 17 ]

Swim up to the lit area above the blue orb fragment for some red orbs. Swim through the hole and jump out of the water. Get your orbs from the orb generator and go down the hallway. Jump into the water.

Swim down into the next room and kill the erupt cells. Swim forward and down through the hole in the floor. Get the Blue Orb and the other orbs.

    [ Blue Orb acquired. ]

Swim back through the tunnel and then up through the hole beyond the pillars. Jump out of the water and go through the door.

That's right, another annoying "break the orbs" puzzle. Examine the glowing relief on the wall and jump down to the tiles. Break 8 orbs and the waterfall platforms will appear. Jump up to the door.

Kill the Gbuthumiras. Now, the point of this next exercise is to equip the weaken the orbs. Weaken them, but don't break them. When they're all weak, break them and run into the next room to get the QuickHeart. Get the orbs and run down the hall. Break the statues for some more orbs. Go through the door.

Boss Battle : Plutinian 
The Plutinian is a giant, two-headed suit of armor with two huge maces that it uses to brain its victims.           
Ball Swing - It swings a ball around in a circle to knock you away.
Ball Smash - Smashes the balls together for a lot of damage.           
Laser Show - Lasers shoot out of the walls.                            
Summoning  - Summons Agonofinses to help him out.                      
Well, you can just sit back and throw knives at him and he'll die before he gets to you on Normal and Hard, but I'd recommend just DTing and taking him out quickly. He's not hard and has horrendous aim.      
He'll also summon critters that don't do a whole lot except wander around near you. They do like to DT on LMD mode, though.      

Go up to the pedestal to finish the mission.

=== MISSION 9 =============================================== MISSION 9 ===
                          To prove its own identity,
                         the protector points a blade
                           toward the decayed king.
             - "Guideposts for the Protectors" Chapter 10 Clause 5

Boss Battle : Arius
Arias is the corporate leader that you've been tailing this whole time.  
Void      - You will be sucked into a void and spit out.                
Dark Ball - He sends a ball of black energy along the floor to envelope you.  
Gunshot   - Shoots his gun from a distance.                             
Summon    - Summons AbyssGoats and Jomothumsiras.                        
Just use your daggers and whittle him down. When he heads to the side tables, start smacking him around. Make sure to lock onto him of his minions will take precedence. He doesn't have a lot of life, and is  relatively easy to kill. The problem is on DMD when the other enemies are actually stronger than he is.

=== MISSION 10 ============================================= MISSION 10 ===
                              Four lights will open
                              the sealed door, but
                      will also invite the creepy to play
             - "Guideposts for the Protectors" Chapter 11 Clause 7
Move forward from where you start the mission and get the orb on top of the pillar. Kill the AbyssGoats and activate the Trigger Orb by bashing it.

    [ Trigger Orb 1 Activated. ]

Next, search the door on the left side of the street to find a secret room.

    [ Secret Room Level 9 ]
    [ Blue Orb Fragment 18 ]

Move down the sidestreet. Jump up on the rooftops and go to the Msira arena. Get the gold orb and activate the trigger orb outside of it.

    [ Trigger Orb 2 Activated. ]

Jump into the arena. Kill the Auromancers and the assorted Msiras. Get the Blue Orb.

    [ Blue Orb acquired. ]

Jump out and go down the alleyway near the arena. Activate the trigger orb there and continue.

    [ Trigger Orb 3 Activated. ]

Enter the larger open area (what used to be the pillared balcony area) and pick up the Zambak.

    [ Weapon Zambak acquired. ]

Kill the golems if you must and run down the street. Kill the Agonofinises and continue. There's a path to your left. If you want to buy items, do so. When you're ready, take that path. Kill the different mancers and jump up on the top sculpture on the building for some reb orbs. Jump over to the ledge and activate the trigger orb.

    [ Trigger Orb 4 Activated. ]

Go through the large door. Whack the eyeball.

Boss Battle : Phantom 
An old friend is back from the Abyss. It's Phantom, the giant spider from the first game.                                                   
Claw - This will take off quite a bit of damage and stun you for a second.
Tail- This is a multiple attack that doesn't seem to do a lot of damage and stuns you for a second.       
Fireball - Just evade this simple attack. He'll shoot three of them. 
Fire Pillars - Sometime he will smash the ground and pillars of flame will appear. Just double-jump to evade them.            
Energy Blast - He will charge and let a blast of energy go. Just avoid it and go in for the kill.                              
Okay, first of all, use your Devil Trigger and take off as much as you possibly can. Then, switch to your daggers and start taking off more. You can jump on top of him and attack like in the first, but this time he is a little smarter and will automatically initiate his tail attack to get you off of him.                                                                                  
Watch out. He can block your attacks as well.                          
It's not that hard of a battle, but it can be gruelling on LMD mode.   

=== MISSION 11 ============================================= MISSION 11 ===
                           The swarm like clouds and
                                desperately seek
                             the protector's blood.
             - "Guideposts for the Protectors" Chapter 11 Clause 7
Smack the central eye. Now, find the mound with a dead eye on it. Knock one of the Msiras onto it to get the ChronoHeart.

  [ ChronoHeart acquired. ]

Okay, now that you have it, start killing them as fast as you can. It will most likely take you two tries if you didn't get the ChronoHeart right off. The enemies keep coming.

If you don't do it the first time, the enemies will get progressively easier on Normal mode. If you don't do it the first time on Hard and DMD mode, you'll still be in for a hefty battle.

Jump into the center of the thing.

=== MISSION 12 ============================================= MISSION 12 ===
                                The protector scales
                            the skyscraper believing in
                            its own reason for existence.
             - "Guideposts for the Protectors" Chapter 12 Clause 3
Try and go out the door. Kill the BloodGoats and leave the room.

Kill all of the Agonofinises in the elevator for some great orb totals. Exit when it reaches the top.

Run to the right of the elevator and break the vase. Search the wall to find the last secret room.

    [ Secret Room 10/20/30 ]
    [ Blue Orb Fragment 19 ]

Break the vases and run down the hallway. If you need any items, buy them. If not, then continue down the smaller hall and through the door.

Break any vases you find as you run down the hallway. From the small room, continue your path and go through the door. Kill the Jomothumsiras. Get the Sacrilege.

    [ Sacrilege acquired. ]

Use it in the door and go through it.

Run back into the small room and go through the door there.

Oh look, an annoying ball room. Okay, all you have to do is avoid the balls. If you get touched, you'll have to kill the golems to exit the area. When you do that, jump up to the second ledge to get the Sacrilege.

    [ Sacrilege acquired. ]

Run back and collect all of the orbs. Just above the entry door is a Blue Orb.

    [ Blue Orb acquired. ]

Jump down and put the sacrilege in the door's mouth. Exit the door.

Follow the orbs and go through the door.

Walk forward.

Boss Battle: Trismagia
This thing has three different faces that it rotates around. Each one has a different attack.                                                
Frost Face     - Frost breath                                          
Fire Face      - Fire breath                                           
Lightning Face - Lightning Orbs                                        
Main Face      - Huge energy attack                                    
I did it the easy way. I just sat back and used the darts to take out the faces. Just evade them when they get close and keep firing and you should be fine. When they converge into a single face,  DT and also make sure that you watch it charge. Then evade as it fires to avoid the huge attack. Just keep on firing and you'll take it out.           
On LMD mode, evade constantly to avoid the multiple attacks. Most of the time it'll miss you. When it converges to a single face, make sure to DT and attack it.

Exit the room through the MOUTH DOOR. Go back in and kill the BloodGoats and the Demonochoruses. Get the Sacrilege. Use it in the mouth. Exit the room.

Go to the only room you haven't been to yet.

Kill the AbyssGoats and ...I guess there's nothing to do here... If you haven't found something somewhere along the way, it should be here. I guess.

Head back to where you fought Trismagia and go through the door in the back of the room.

Kill the enemies on the elevator and exit it.

Walk forward and go through the door.

Move forward to see a cut-scene and finish the mission.

=== MISSION 13 ============================================= MISSION 13 ===
                           The path to forgiveness
                                  is cleaned
                                  with blood.
             - "Guideposts for the Protectors" Chapter 1 Clause 3
Boss Battle : Possessed Arius 
Charge - Attempts to charge you. Just evade.                             
Grab   - He grabs you and squeezes you.                                  
Tickle - He will grab you from a long distance by reaching through the ground.
Zap    - He sends out small, electrical impulses.                        
It's going to sound a bit strange, but I want you to get close to him. Not too close, mind you, but close enough that the majority of his attacks are charges. That way, you can easily evade and then smack him around before he recovers. It also makes it easier to judge exactly where the electrical impulses are.                                       
You can also DT when he attacks and lay into him without getting hurt. It's a long battle (because of his health), but it's an easy one.       

Boss Battle : Arius Argosax 
Tail   - Tries to whack you with its tail.                               
Vomit  - Vomits on you.                                                  
Simple. Just keep shooting it in the mouth. If it swings its tail, jump. If it vomits, double-jump. Really, really just has a lot of life.  

You have now completed Devil May Cry 2 with Lucia. Go back and do it again on the Hard and Lucia Must Die Modes.