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Family Reunion by: Dancloud

The exaggerated flavor of this years color scheme made me sick to my stomach. Any color but yellow would have done just as good. I of course was wearing a beautiful pale green dress, which reflected my mood fairly accurately, but not a single person noticed how stunning I looked in my dress. Everyone was too busy staring at that brat they clam is my sister. They say she’s so beautiful and so talented. I know I’m prettier than she is but no one else even cares. Even my grandfather, the only one who ever paid any attention to me, was over there dancing with the little brat. I wish she had never been born, and then everyone would play with me again and tell me how good I look in my new dress. Instead I stand over by the wall so no one will bump into me or step on my feet on their way to see the little angel. The musicians start a waltz and my grandfather sets my little sister down, so that my great uncle can dance with her. He walked over to the food table and grabs two drinks. It’s curious why he would need two. He never needed two drinks when he danced with me. Maybe my sister was better than me. I look down at my feet and start strapping my shoes along the floor in defeat. She really must be better than me. After the a few seconds of thought that seemed to last for hours, I decided that I would have to do something about my so called baby sister. That’s right I’d make her disappear and everyone would think she ran away. Then they’d have more time for me. I looked up to see that the musicians were finishing the waltz and my sister was laughing heartily from the spinning dance that my great uncle had turned the waltz into. I felt like I was going to cry but pushed the tears back and started thinking of ways to get rid of my sister, but when I looked up to think again my grandfather was standing next to me holding out my favorite flavor soda. He asked me if I’d like to dance and I jumped into his arms crying yes over and over again.