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Resadent Evil III

Resadent Evil III

Inf Ammo All Weapons:

There are two ways to get it as far as I know. 1. beat the game on hard to get the mercenary game, then complete that enough times to make enough money (your a mercenary, think about it) to buy it 2. I'm not sure you have to, but I beat the game once through before I did this, when you are at the clock tower, just after Jill is revived from the virus, figth Nemisis and kill him. He should drop an item. It should be an Inf Ammo Case. Finish the game and load the save. You should have infinite ammo. I haven't seen if it worked yet, but try it.

How to get the "A" rank :

1- Don't use any Aid sprays
2- Use only Herbs
3- Finish the game before 2 and half hours
4- Save only 6 times

Get Jill's Bonus Diary:

To get Jill's diary, you must collect all the files in order, semi-hard, but its worth it!

There are more cheats on the way, so check again if you can't find the one you need.