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Digimon World

Digimon World

Get Elekmon,Centarumon,Unimon,Greymon And Monochromon
To Get Elekmon Just Go to The Entrance Of the Sealed Door that leads to the factorial town.There will be an elekmon running around... talk to him and he will shock you let him shock you several times...BUT DON'T GET KILLED!!!elekmon will light up ther city at night if you get him to go to the city.
To Get centarumon go to tropical jungle and go to the mangrove region and go north and try to get to the far right sign with the circle if completed centarumon joins the city and you will allowed in the ancient dino region.centarumon is the doctor!!
to get unimon go to the path to mount panorama and you'll find unimon lying down,talk to him and give him food,he is in the store with patamon,biyomon and monochromon.
To get Greymon you must have at least 12 digimon in the city, and be on your third year, .Then go to jijimon's house and talk to jijimon and go outside and greymon will attack you and your digimon will fight him(I SUGGEST YOU USE THE DIGIVICE TO SAVE BEFORE YOU TALK TO JIJIMON BECAUSE IF YOU TALK THEN SAVE YOU HAVE TO FIGHT GREYMON EVERY TIME YOU LOAD)
To get monochromon go to the great canyon and enter the monochrome shop work there and when your score is 3000+ he joins the city...but isuggest you don't because working in the shop gets you an easy way to get money!!

Choosing Characters (Japanese Version Only)
Start a new game, after the show, a black screen will appear, hold on to triangle+square+circle. Do not let go.There will be screen with alot of items. Choose one of it and feed it to your digimon. If he doesn't want to eat, press the three buttons again, then feed it again.It will change after you feed it with all sorts of items.If you don't like that Digimon,repeat the steps again

No Sukamon!
When you get sukamon, just go talk to king sukamon at trash mountain and when he asks you a question say the bottom one and he will turn you back into your previous digimon!

That Numeamon Problem
At one point in the game you'll need a Numemon to get through the rest of the mansion Getting a Numemon is simple just do nothing to raise your digimon's stats, but just doing nothing for that long a time can get a little boring. So all you have to do is go to the Ancient Speedy Region. Stay there for a while, also make sure you have to be prepared like have port. pottys and some meat. in about 15-20 mins. It will digivolve into the horrible Numemon so you can take it to Toy Town and make it digivolve into Monzemon. Then you can continue with the rest of the mansion.

Mega Digimon
To get mega digimon, go to Beatleland (first summon seadramon)and enter (and win) the tournament. The winner gets a Hurculesgabutarimon that is a mega digimon.

Get Mojymon
To get mojymon go to him in freezeland with a rookie digimon and give a happy mushroom to the first mojymon and he will give you a hair grower. give this to your digimon and it will turn into mojymon.

Getting Metalgraymon
You must have either Greymon, Monochromon, Meramon, Tyrannonmon or Drimogemon. Have ten or less care mistakes (not feeding,sleeping,resting or getting to the bathroom in time). He has to be 65 pounds. And have HP4000 MP3000 Offense500 Defense500 Speed 300 and Brains300 Or just find an item called Metal Parts and give it to a champion.

Getting Digitamamon and Nanimon
To get Digitamamon you must have Nanimon. As many care mistakes as you like or none. He must be 10 pounds. His HP&MP3000 Offense,Defense and Speed400 and Brains300.
If you don't know how to get Nanimon your Rookie must have zero happieness and zero discipline. When those meters are at zero scold your Rookie. He should digivovle after the scold.

Hint: Metaletemon
When you have Etemon,fight at least 25 champion digimon a day for 3 days and make his MP & HP 5000 and all other stats 550 and you will get Metaletemon.

Hint: Machinedramon
Save the game when prompted after defeating Analogmons Machinedramon.This should be either before or after you say good bye to everyone in the digiworld.Load the data in battle mode (2 player mode).When cycling through your possible digimon to duel with a friend, Machinedramon will be unlocked.Note: He will not show up in the game saving a digimon at Jijimons house.He will Have the same 3 moves present to when fought him.His stats will be identical your digimons when defeated him.

Get Agumon & Gablumon
When you start a new game and Jijimon ask what do you like better night or day say day and you will get a Agumon. To get the gabluemon the thing with blue blaster say night instead of day.

To get Pheonixmon
Get Airdramon,Birdramon, Kokatorimon, Angemon or Unimon. Get its HP to 2000, MP to 4000, Offence to 450, Defence to 100, Speed to 100 and Brains to 100. Get the weight to 20lbs, one or less care mistakes, and no battles!

Getting Teddymon!
First of all go to the misty trees and get past cherrymon (a big tree digimon.) Then go up and you are in Toy Town. Get a Numemon and go to the house on the top left ther will be a Monzaemon on the couch. Speak to him and Numemon will get inside of the suite and digivolve to Monzeamon!

1.Grade cup:Cup C,D,B,A,S-win in all
2.Version cup:VER1,2,3,4,0-win in all
3.Type cup:Fire, Grapple, Thunder, Wind, Nature, Cool, Metallic, Filth-win in all
4.Special cup: Dino, Wing,Animal,Human-win in all
5.100 times win: win 100 championchips in the area.
6.Technique Master: Mastered all techniques.
7.Digimon Master: Raised all digimon[on chart]
8.Max abilities: maxed all of your digimons parameters.
9.Perfect curling:Get a perfect score in curling.
10.100 fish: caught 100 fish.
11.Ending:finished the game[Defeted Analogman once]
12.Town Flourishing: Recruit all digimon
13.Card complete:got all Digimon cards[to get the last card defeat the 1st Machinedramon]
14.Bits maxed:Colleced 999,999 bits.
15.10 years:Survived 300 days

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