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Final Fantacy 10

Final Fantacy 10

Final Fantasy 10
Easy Blitz-Ball moves
To learn Blitz moves faster just set your marks on the move you want... now when playing dont wory about setting your players to "mark mode". You don't need to as long as they use their Blitz move you can copy it! Now your players wont run from their positions when in "mark mode"

Air ship passwords
#1 GODHAND- takes you to Rikku's legendary weapion.
#2 VICTORIOUS- takes you to Rikku's Victorious armor.
#3 MURASAME-takes you to get Murasame.
-Note- all of the passwords are in capps

20 free potions
In the start when you got on the ship for first time go down to the floor were the power room is and enter a room with a wallet on the floor examine it and Tidus will kick it and find a potion keep kicking it until you have 20 potions.

Defeat the Aeons
You must do this before fighting the last boss because the boss (Sin) will enter your summon body to take over the body. So, you must kill all your summon to fight the last boss. This battle will be easier if your summon don't get to their highest power.

Defeated the last Boss (Sin)
The last boss in this game is very weirdo one. The size is so small, but the power is so cool. When the battle begin, cast 'Reflect' magic on it, because it will use 'Full-Cure' on it after each attack which cure 9'999 HP. When you reach Yuna's turn, cast 'Reflect' on all party members too. Use Tidus and Auron to attack and use Yuna's 'Holy' to attack it.

Secret Place Co-ordinate
When you have an airship, talk to Cid, and choose the second option in Map menu (Search). The secret place are:
Secret Place #1 X: 34 Y: 58
Secret Place #2 X: 15 Y: 41
Secret Place #3 X: 31 Y: 73
Secret Place #4 X: 16 Y: 57
Secret Place #5 X: 42 Y: 57
Secret Place #6 X: 74 Y: 36

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