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gundom wing: jorney to jabouro

Gundom Wing

Get Tactics Battle Mode
Beat story mode once to unlock Tactics Battle Mode and to unlock additional playable characters there, beat each level with each available characters in Tactics Battle Mode.

More Mobile Suits in tactics battle.
To get more mobile suits is easy. All you have to do is beat the three levels with a certain mobile suit in tactics battle mode, and get a star for each level. Don't fail the mission or you won't get a star. To get all the mobile suits, spot as many different ones as you can in story mode. But you won't see them all, and you can still get them by just beating tactics battle mode. You can only play as them in tactics.

Different Color GM, Gundam, and Zaku II in Tactics Battle In Tactics battle mode
when selecting a mobile suit, press either of these combinations: L1+L2+X; R1+R2+X; or L2+R2+X. Highlught the mobile suit, then enter the code, holding the buttons down until the "Now Loading" screen appears. RGM-79 GM=L1+L2+X, R1+R2+X, or L2+R2+X will change the color to dark gray (unpainted). RX-78-2 Gundam=R1+R2+X will change it to a black and white mobile suit. MS-06 Zaku II=L1+L2+X will change the color to a light shining green. R1+R2+X will change the color to a whitish color. L2+R2+X will change the color to a Gold Desert Force color. If you enter this code with other mobile suits, you will change the weather of the mission stage and maybe even the difficulty.

How to beat the zock
To beat the Zok is lock on to the Zok save beam rifle of bazooka ammo.Then use the R1 and L1 buttons and run and shoot at it till it dies. I don't know the exact number of shots it takes to kill it.

Get Garma's Suit In Tactics Battle
To get Garma's Zaku II Custom play the story mode. You can't do stage select. Don't worry you wont lose anything you have already saved. You only have to play to mission 2 once there shoot down 6 of the dopps.( I recomend the beam gun.) After you have shoot down 6 Garma will arrive in a suit not in a plane. Finish the mission save and then play the Tactics Battle until you get him. If you have all suits but Garma's tehn just play mission three with the kamper (suit with the shotgun) and get a A or better thn you should have it.

See Garma's Zaku II
On Winds of War level shoot down 7 or 8 dopps then wait until Amuro says "That's the squadern leader?" then you'll see three Zaku 2. Two are normal and the middle one is light orange and dark green. WATCH OUT! Because he has a BFG and 4 vuclans

See all Mobile Suits in Gallery
Try to see as many different mobile suits as you can in story mode. Fight them you will have a better chance of seeing them in the gallery. Even if you don't see them all they are probably in tactics battle mode. Unlock them in tactics and they'll be in the gallery. Don't forget to save! Also who knows how to get Matilda part 4 in the gallery to watch?

Unlock all B.G.M. songs.
To unlock all songs depends on how far you get in the game. Once you get all the mobile suits in Tactics battle mode and get alot of videos in the Gallery. You will probably have all of them.

Zock, Level 9
You should use a Hyper Hammer to attack him, because no reloading, but try to land on top of it. Don't just stand somewhere and attack you have to dodge the lasers. Does anyone know how many shots it takes though, I didn't count.

How to get Movie 4 Matilda
For the person who wanted to know how to get movie 4 Matilda all you have to do is get an E on any of the missions. i recommend mission 2 and destroy almost all the buildings.

Beat the Big Zok
I think its easier to get very close the the Zok and hammer him away. I found when i played that if you rotate and stay on his side not the front or back he cant hit you even with his lasers. You know your too far when he can rotate faster than you can circle around him, with practice beating this big guy really gets easier than any other MS in the game.

Level 9 and the Zok
For those that have trouble with level 9. It's actually the easiest level in the game. It's better to use the LASER instead of the mace. The mace's distance is bad which means they can hit you with anything before you even get to them. Use the laser and don't be afraid of wasting its special cuz u won't need it for the Zok. THE ZOK: This guy is easy. Its easier if you hit him with a supershot but if you don't hit him 25 times and he should be dead. Trust me I always get a S+ rating.

Get good ratings on Missions
Ok, Ever since I saw the cheat that said you had to beat the game with an A+ rating for Wing gundam and S+ for Wing Zero, I have tried over and over. In my experience, you get the best rating if you just beat the levels by skipping the crap in the way and hitting the main targets (dark red). Do this really fast and try not to get hit at all. It works for me, but I got an A+ rating and got nothing. Can some one plz confirm that Wing zero/Wing Gundam cheat! Note: The laser is the best weapon to use in every mission except the one where u fight the 3 DOMs- I used bazooka for that level and got an S+ rating!!

Kill the Gaw Carrier in one hit
On the third stage of the story mode pick the Hyper Hammer as your weapon. During the stage when a Gaw comes you can jump on top of it. Once there, lock on to it and hit it with the hammer. The hammer will go through the ship killing it in one hit.

Easy Grades
To easily get an S+ or S- on any level, first go to options and put on auto save. Then after you beat a level see what grade you got. If you didn't want that grade hit reset and the game will be saved so you can try again. Also if anyone knows how to get Gundam/wing, and Gundam/wing custom could you please tell me how, I have tried the code receiving an A+ and a S+, but the code is not working for me.

Beat Zock easely
message: What I did was I locked onto it and flew around firing my beam rifle. After it ran out I took out my beam saber and flew up to it and kept on slashing it as many times as I could. This disables him to attack because he is being hit all the time. It worked for me when I was almost dead so it should work greatly if you close to full health.