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Final Fantacy 10


The Fantastic Watersports:
Leave it to Square to bring together the seemingly irreconcilable worlds of RPGs and sprot games with FF10's main minigame, BLITZBALL. Just imagine a mix of football and soccer that is played in a sphere shaped see through pool (of water of course) and you a close idea of of what this miniame is like. But you don't need real skill to play this great minigame. This game doesn't need sport simulater reflexs, basically you can win a game of blizball if you can win a FF10 battle. In this minigame when you win you can get key items and rare ones, as well as all of Wakka's overdrives. After the first 5 hours into the game after your first real hands on game you can play at almost every save point you find. While you are out exploreing towns you should keep an eye out for any new recruits.

Speaking the Language:
In the land of Spira there are 2 languages spoken-English and the coded Al Behd, which is a Slavic-sounding language. You can learn this language by finding Al Behd primers. There are 26 Al Behd primers scatered thruogh-out Spira, one for each letter. As you find more Al Behd primers the letters you have learded will show in red.

For those of you who have played the previous final fantacy games you should be expecting great things, well it's all that and a bag of chips.