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Z.O.E. Zone of the Enders

New End Game Music:
Finish the game with any difficulty setting but get a A on all 5 rescue missions

Get Versus Mode:
After finishing the game 1 time on any difficulty you get versus mode with 5 frames and more stages. Finish the game a 2nd time to get 2 more frames and stages.

The greatest sub-weapon:
Here is the strategy to get the ultimate sub-weapon. The name: Gauntlet. This weapon will kick butt in battles it is the most powerful weapon in the whole game. You can find this at EPS 2 after you have gotten the anti-stealth module from the raptor and shot all of the porters. After you come out of the tunnel you must first get the password after you shoot the porters down, then find the driver for it somewhere else in the area ( still in EPS 2 though)

Everything in Versus Mode:
When you go to the last stage of Z.O.E otherwise known as the Hub. it will ask you to save the game and save it. then beat it. P.S. if your having trouble beating it, let some of the bombs blow up just make sure you disarm atleast one bomb. once you have beaten the game you will get verses mode. you will only get 5 characters and levels. then open your saved game and beat the game one more time you should get all 7 levels and characters.

Ammo supply:
In the mountain stage, there are TONS of boxes of items and metatron, you can get all the boxes(which have about 3 types of ammo in each) leave then come back to the stage and get them all over again!
You also get the bounder side arm here too. You go towards the dam when you first enter the stage(it's to the left) and there will be a red box with the pass code at the bottom of the dam. then at the top and to the right, when your facing the dam, there's the driver.
BUT there are many enemies here, and they're not marked on the map either...If it weren't for the all the metatron all over...It would be a pretty hard stage. They show up at about every other box or so.

Max Out Health & Ammo:
After pausing the game press L1, L1, L2, L2, L1, R1, L1, R1, R2, R1

Get Disco Mode:
Go to the options menu and press Up, Down, Down, X, Triangle, Left, Right, Square

Get Versus Mode:
Go to the Title Screen and press Circle, X, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up