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Armored Core 2: Project Phantasma

Use Emblem As Wallpaper:
First go to the emblem selecting screen and highlight any emblem when highlighted press and hold L1+L2+R1+R2+START+SELECT if done correctly you'll see the highlighted emblem as the background.

Beating Arena the Easy Way:
Most of the enemy ACs' movements are dictated by where your AC is aimed, especially the tough ones. Start by turning your back to them. A good 90% or so will move as far away from you as possible when your back is turned. Start by turning your pointing your tail ar a far corner, keep it poited there as you move around in the cityscape to the top of the tall building in the far left corner. When you are ready, face the opponent, and he will approach. Keep him against the outer boundary by aiming just inside (he won't be able to dance). When he is too close to attack anymore, turn your back to him and move toward the corner so that the building will protect you. You might take a hit or 2. Repeat until the enemy is defeated.

Change Pilot Name:
Hold all L,R buttons and select press X.

Using Save Game from Armored Core:
You can use your save game from Armored Core 1 . Just Finish Armored Core 1, save the game and load that game using Project Phantasma