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Legend of Dragoon, The

Get kongol's DS early:
After you get Kongol in your party.Go to Lohan and buy his Ds from the man you got the water bottle from for 1000g.

Beating 'Sandra special soldier' and 'Kongol':
Before you go to 'Hocus', buy lots of magic items from the item store and make sure that all your characters are atleast at level 6.

Sandra special soldier
Only use physical attacks against him and don't waste your magic items to try to defeat this guy. When he transforms into three, the one that uses magic is the real one. [IF YOU CAN'T FIGURE OUT THE REAL ONE, THAN KEEP DOING GUARD]

This guy is very strong!!! Only use magic against him. [IF YOU USE PHYSICAL ATTACKS THAN YOU WILL BE COUNTERATTACKED WITH MORE DAMAGED HP TO YOU!] Keep using magic attacks and using the option 'Guard' which will restore your HP.
When you are done, you will receive a very awesome surprise!

Final Weapons:
Dart: You find Darts final weapon on discs 3 or 4( whichever time you want to get it). You will find it in the snow fields if you fall down the snow slide. You fall down to the bottom and see a little sequence then go to the place where Dart asked rose if it was Zenbatos. You go through there until you get to the bottom and a platform the you see another sequince on the platform and then you will fight a goast with three parts. Destroy the sword first then the armor then the helm. you will win a soal eater, equip a therapy ring cuz the sword will decay hp but if you have a therapy ring it will have no effect.

Shana/Miranda: you will find it in the moon that never sets in a chest.

Rose: when you make it to the last boss you will recieve the Divine dragon's dragoon spirit and the dragon buster.

Kongol: you will recieve his weapon in the moon that never sets when you beat his brother.