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Parasite Eve 2

Secret Weapons:
When you get a high enough score at the end of the Replay game, or play the game enough times, a couple of killer weapons will show up at the stores the next time you play the game! I won't spoil too much, but I will give you one hint for one weapon. It was featured in a Final Fantasy game. (Maybe you can figure that out if you played final Fantasy 8.)

MM1 Grenade Pistol:
This cheat is one of the best weapons in the game i'm about to tell you about getting. There is only one sure-fire way to get it. Now listen closly: you must save Flint(the dog), and, well, that's about it. you can only purchase it near the end of the game and it can fire out a whopping 12 grenades before you need to reload it!(Just be sure your enemy is taking a long nap before the MM1 is full again. Good luck affording it the first time through!

Get Different Modes:

Bounty Mode & Replay Mode - finish game with any character

Supportless Mode - Finish the game with a good ending

Deadly Mode - Finish game with Supportless Mode

Get FF8 Gunblade Weapon - Finish game with happy ending

Scavenger Mode - Get 69,001 in any mode

Nightmare Mode - Complete Scavenger Mode

Modes and Ratings:
Finishing in Bounty Mode gives a +1 to your rating, finishing in Scavenger mode gives a +2, Nightmare gives a +3. So if you finish Scavenger with a C rating you really get a A!