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Resident Evil 2

Infinite Rocket Launcher:
If you beat scenario one and get A or B ranking and your total time is under 2 and a half hours,You will receive a Rocket Launhcer with infinite on senario 2 find it in the chest.

Infinite Gatling Gun:
Beat the game with Leon or Claire on the Second Scenario and a ranking of an A or a B, you will get an infinite Gatling Gun for the First Scenario

Safe Code:
first go to the police department and get the blue key card from the black guy and go upto the computer and keep pressing x and it will show the doors unlock go back up the stairs in the front of the police station inside and turn left and go in the room there is about five zombies in there and one zombie in a door way with a desk inside os it go upto the safe and put in the numbers 2236 and it will open in there you will find a police station map and a bag full of six acid spary things.

Blow up Alligator:
At the aligator with leon or claire there is a yellow butten on the wall if you push it a gas canastor will fall out of the wall the alligator will grab it in its mouth and you shot at the canastor with your handgun and the alligator will blow to bits.

Get a role of film:
click 50 times at the desk in the stars room the letters say the desk is messy someone must have searched it.somthing like that.the 50th time you click x you will get a roll of film.

How to get secret characters:
Hunk - Beat both the A and B scenarios and get an A grade each time and then save your game after you have completed the B Scenario and then you should have the option to save it again as the 4th survivor. Then load the game and have some fun.
Tofu - Beat the A scenario 3 times and the B scenario 3 times aswell and get an A grade each time and then do the same as you did for the other scenario and try to complete these extra games.
Oh yeah I forgot on both these scenarios you have got some mean baddies to kill like William Birkin,the Terminator (The guy in the B scenarios that wears the green coat and is a pain in the a.. opps sorry neck to kill). Aswell as some of them grey lickers and some big improved killer plants, that you normally find in the umbrella chemical plant.

Also you cannot pick up any items at all, so be careful with how you handle your herbs!!