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Theme Hospital

Level passwords:

1. S, S, T, O, S, X, S, X
2. X, O, S, T, T, O, S, X
3. O, O, T, S, X, T, O, T
4. S, T, O, S, X, X, T, O
5. O, T, S, O, X, T, O, S
6. S, T, S, O, X, S, X, O
7. S, T, T, O, X, S, T, O
8. X, T, S, O, T, O, S, X
9. T, S, X, T, O, X, T, S
10. O, S, X, T, S, X, O, S
11. T, O, S, O, T, S, O, T
12. O, S, X, X, S, O, S, T

X= X

No More Rats:
If rats have infested your hospital, just cover the rat hole with a drinks machine and in a few minutes the hole disapears.

Clean Hospital:
If you have a full hospital that is very dirty, you can save and reload it to get it sparkling clean again!

Extra Constuction Time:
When you first start the level pause the game and go to the stop-watch symbol and press L1 until the indicator reaches the left of the bar then carry on with your game and the days will be onger so you have more time to build.