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Wild Arms 2nd Ignition

Find Lucky Card:
There is a beach somewhere around the Emphatite Tower. Search a bit on the grass by the beach you will find the Lucky Card it doubles your experience and gella in a battle but you can only use it once so I would suggest in a boss fight.

Secret Enemy(might work on english vesion):
First get Tim's force power 3 then go to the first dungeon Ashley went, then use power divide ( force power 3 ) on Gagison (looks like a yellow devil ). *You can find him under the bridge. Soon Gagison will turn into a secret enemy, but the enemy has HP66666! so the best stratedy to beat him is first get Mariabel in your teammate then get her red power called Status Lock from Skid Lancer. On the fight use that power on the teammates so you wouldn't get injured.

Gain lots of level ups:
You must be able to go to Holst in order to do this. And you must be in Holst, so go there. Go inside the mine and fight battles until you come across a black fly. Kill it. I'm ussually not a violent person but right now I am telling you to kill these flys, and kill them fast because they kill themselves after the first turn.
These little flys give you 2500 exp. points. And I'm telling you right now that you will never get more then that from any ONE or GROUP of monsters you fight(besides bosses and those aliens) and this is just at the start of the game!