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Change Gears Very Quick:
When you can use your gears, Press R2+L2 and you can get in and out of the gear. This is easier than going to the menu screen.

Secret Gear:
There is a secret gear, "Argento", in the Battle Arena at Kislev. Put on Special Mode #1 go to Bonus Battling. Put the options on 3 rounds.

Hard difficulty:
Beat ALL the gears without losing a round. After that, beat the gear you were playing as with Xenogears(Fei's gear). In the character selection, Argento will be to the left of Weltall.

Get the Deathblow Item:
When you are on the Thames, you will encounter people who challenge you to a game that is similar to speed. If you win against all the people located in the Beer hall and the Supply Grounds, go to the Armor grounds and play against the female who is standing with two men. If you bet her, she will give you a deathblow item for your gear. This item will allow you to do a deathblow attack.

Never Pay For Fuel Again:
Once you have access to the Yggdrasil, you will never have to refuel your gears (unless you are in a dungeon). When travelling in the Yggdrasil, press the sguare button to enter the walkabout. Check you rgear status screen... they have all been refueled and healed!

Mountain path secrets:
On your way down the mountain path at the beginning of the game, check the trees by jumping into them. Some of the trees contain items. One tree, closest to the end of the path, contains a spider, which you can trade with Chu-chu later in the game for an Ether Veiler. Another tree is near the beginning but up on a cliff contais a bird's egg. take the bird's egg, but have alot of aquasols on the side, because the mom isn't too happy. Hurry to the Doctor's house, but don't give the egg back. When you eat dinner, Yui should have used the egg to make some bread and you will gain "a little" bit of weight. This may not do much, but it sure is fun to do.

The weight in the game determines the power and agility in your battle. If heavy your agility goes down and you'll be slower, but stronger. If light, you'll be faster and you'll be less powerful.

Iron Mail:
When you are at the Fatima castle in the Margie raid, you will find that there are several rooms. One of these rooms on the 1st floor has a long table in the middle and a guard sitting at it. On either side ofo the table are 4 sets of armor. examine them to recieve 1 Iron Mail each.

Free G:
When you are where Shakahn plays his organ, go to the treasure chest. Right next to it is a book case or something. Go to it and you will see a white thing on it. Press X and it will tell you that you can get free money. If you get the hand in the middle of the thing, you will get one G. Do it 20 times in a row, you will get 1000 G.

Wedding Dress:
When you fight Dan, don't hit him. Instead, just heal your self when needed. It may take a while, but soon he will talk to you, then hand you his sisters wedding dress.

Strongest Team:
The strongest team in I think is Fei,Citan,and Billy. Fei you must have and is very strong and devasting with his martial arts. Citan has a strong sword that really kills the enemy! Billy's strongest gun is the Godfather. It has a attack power of 72!! Thats's pretty powerful. To get Citan's and best weapon and Billy's, go to Duneman Island on disk 2. It is near Aveh.