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Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

Easy Lives:
To get easy lives, you must have beaten the fourth boss and have the bazooka. Then go to level 1. Around the place are those big elephants. Shoot them. There are three elephants. For each time you kill one, you gain 1 life. A better way, is to shoot the elephants, go to the beginning of the level, die, then shoot them again.

Defeat N.Gin:
To defeat N.Gin, shoot at the flashing pads on his robot suit. Four of the pads on the first suit will fall off. The pad underneath his viewing area will not fall off: it will just stop flashing. The two easiest pads to hit are the ones that fire missiles, (the middle is also quite easy too), then his arms are the last two. When he brings up his arm, there will be a few seconds before he starts firing, so this is the best time to shoot at the end of his arms. When you have destroyed all the flashing pads, then he will get into another suit which is even harder.
This time, the flashing pads are four missile launchers, one on the far left, and one on the far right. The last one is just under N.Gin's ugly mug. Hit and destroy all these pads, and you have and apple bazooka!!!

Beat Time Trail Fast on Dragon Level:
On the level that you are being chased by the dinosaur/dragon you can beat the level very fast. On time trail right when you get chased by the dragon after the ? mark platform press select and you will be telepoted to the end by the nitro boxes.

Unlimited Lives:
On level 1 after you get the crystal, do it again. Don't get the time trial yet. Get the berries and boxes. Then go get the clock and kill yourself. Do this over and over again and you will have many lives.

How to Defeat Elemental Masks:
Earth Elemental(Rok-Ko): Hit the rocks (Not Crunch!) to turn them blue. If Crunch already hit them, you have to hit them twice or let them cool off. You have to hit all the rocks blue 3 times (Number of rocks will increase).
Water Elemental (Wa-Wa): You have to hop on the platforms in front of you a number of times. Get to Crunch and spin him backwards. There are a multiple of attacks he uses including lightning and some kind of blue rolling pin.
Fire Elemental (Py-Ro): Run and jump all the way to the Mech and Crash will automatically jump in. Crunch will roll flaming rocks at you. Jump to get closer to Crunch and fire water cannon. During the second and third times, Crunch will lay down flaming mines that you see.
Air Elemental (Lo-Lo):
You fly and have to shoot Crunch until his health disappear. He fires weapons at you in a pattern. Fly to dodge them. The first one will be a large flaming blue ball. The second one will be smaller balls from his eyes. The third one is a beam of blue light. The fourth one is a blue storm falling down. I don't know much about hitting but always keep your gun on. After Crunch doesn't have much health left, he starts to stop using some of his weapons. Finally, he only uses the first one. Shoot the large ball he prepares to throw to do damage.

5 Second Time Trial:
On Level 4, Wizards & Lizards, When you are able to go on the time trial you can have a time trial of only 5 SECONDS! To do this you run into the clock and then press select and you are taken straight to the end of the level to get the Platinum Relic.

Belly flop power:
When you get the red gem in banzai bonsani.jump on to the red gem the go to the end find the gem and bellyfloop on it and the move is all yours.

Strange Cortex:
When you die, and get gameover, keep pressing x (very fast) while the screen is black.Continue pressing it when Cortex comes up, but keep watching the screen. His actions should be different to the voice.

Unlimited Lives:
On level 1 after you get the crystal, do it again. Don't get the time trial yet. Get the berries and boxes. Then go get the clock and kill yourself. Do this over and over again and you will have many lives.

Lo Lo boss:
He fires in wave patterns , so first dodge the power ball from his hand. Then dodge small balls from his eyes. He will fire a power beam. Start in the top left and go round the screen. Finally he will shoot a storm. look where the gap is when he fires and move there fast. You will know where to shoot because Aku Aku will circle the target area Crush is firing. Repeat this technique until crunch is dead!

How to beat Cortex:
Beating Cortex is easy as long as you know what to do.He takes 4 hits. For the first hit Crunch will jump on to a platform and rocks will start to fall. Once the rocks have stopped,look at Crunch.You will see a glowing ring around him,take out the fruit bazooka,and shoot CRUNCH! He will then slap cortex into the platform you are on,hit Cortex or else Aku Aku will put him back were he was. Every red button looking thing Crunch jumps on a different attack will come at you.Crunch can do more than one attack when he is hitting you. Good luck!