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Get Debug Mode:
During gameplay HOLD R1 + Square and press Start.

The code to wolfpack meeting room:
When your on the 3 floor you have to go in to all the rooms and then a guy jumps out of a door shoot him the go in to a hall kill to guys then go in to a room with two shelfes(not the small room) move a box so you can get a key go to the room with hte locker and you will find an emblem cut in half. in an other room you will find a box in front of a poster. move the box and you can see a text that ses "wolfpack rules since 1993" thats the code to the room "11993". shoot the guy in there and get an emblem with no dots on it (as the broken one) now go to the punching machine on 2 floor and put the new emblem in there an punch in the code from the broken emblem on both sides on the dot maker the your about to fight greywolf. good luck.

Unlimited Ammo & All weapons:
All you have to do is get "records" in all of the L.E.I.L.A tests when you reach the each level. After completing the tests and achieving "records" in them finish the game you should recieve a message under you stats that says "You have been rewarded the Special Award(or something to that effect) then save over previous game. Start a New Game the when you are in the L.E.I.L.A Office go straight to the * box and open it to get Unlimited Ammo and all weapons.

When you have reached the entrance to the underground labratory (go down some stairs at Christofer Sterns office)go left and you will se a box next to the wall go over to and press x,then you will receive unlimited ammo for proxmity mines,machine gun,granades,shotgun and ENPstungun.