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Hidden Game:
Late in the game you will be in an outside courtyard with a huge tree and a crate next to the water flow. If you have your sword, swipe at the tall tree, and a ball will fall out of it. Take the toy back up the stairs into the open room and leave it. Now locate the area between the two stairs leading to the second floor, and you should see 3 arches. Push on the middle one to reveal a hidden room. Go back and grab the ball and Yorda, and head into the new room. Take Yorda and have both of them stand on the pedestal. This will cause a basket to appear. Now you can shoot some hoops!

Hidden Weapon:
If you stand on the same level the basket is on, stand a few steps from either side wall and try and make a shot. If successful, a Mace will come crashing through the window. The Mace is stronger than the sowrd, but it will take more swings to cut rope.