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Monolog by: Dancloud

Okay my first try at this...hope it's not too bad.

I can never seem to get over just how bad some people are behind the wheel. The girl that owns my car is the worst of all, and I’m talking about when she’s driving carefully. Ever been in an old Volkswagen beetle? That’s the car I’m in right now. It takes so long for this car to get up to speed, that the girl driving doesn’t even think about hitting the breaks before she hits that corner. She’ll just fly through it at forty miles an hour without even flinching. You’d think this girl was trying to win a rally the way she drives. One good thing does come out of her insane level of driving, though. Sometimes, she’ll have a friend in the car, and if they’re getting in this car then obviously they have no idea how crazy this girl is behind the wheel. This poor friend will sit down nice and comfy and won’t even bother with the seat-belt but she’ll wish she had it on in a minute. The girl driving buckles up, starts up the car and pops it in first and floors it. The passenger doesn’t think anything of it, because naturally as has as this car’s trying it’s not getting very fast in a hurry. She finally makes it to forty miles an hour and the first turn, on the way to the mall, is fast approaching. The passenger’s eyes widen as she looks from the drivers unwavering foot and the upcoming turn. Finally my turn’s here as she grabs a hold of the ‘Oh My God!’ bars. Now don’t get me wrong being a handle bar in a beetle has its perks, such as the lovely ladies that have to hold on for dear life as my driver takes the supper tight corner at forty miles an hour, but some of this girl’s boy-friends are as ugly as they come. Sweaty, dirty palms sometimes take a death grip when this happens and that’s definitely no fun. Back to the story at hand, this sweet honey takes hold and lets out the cutest little screech as the beetle’s two right tires finally meet the road again.